Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ape nak Jadi?????~

Was having a chit chat with colleague during lunch..
she was telling a story bout one of her anak buah..

One day,
her anak buah was looking at a cigarette box..
as we know all the cigarette box we find in stores today contains lurid and horrific pic of what will happen when u smoke

anak buah as always being an innocent curious kid he was..
he asked his father..

'ayah, ayah..nape kaki die macm tu?'

bapak pun menjawab..

'itu nak, jadi biler die kempunan x dpt isap rokok'

dan aku tergelak golek2...

ape nak jadi ngan bapak zaman sekarang!!!!!!

*chewing some candies sambil geleng kepala*

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