Thursday, June 25, 2009


Me n colleague have found this new obsession..
Start out as something innocent..
Later we become addicted..
Things like this only happen when we get sooooo bored...
People here called it meng'ular'...
So when ever we wanna strike out for the activity..
We called it 'Snake'ing..
So that it wudn't sound so obvious..
Get it???
aku tau korg x paham..
xper la..
jnji aku n kawan ku bahagia...

*tetibe t'ingt komik sin chan ular gulung bentuk taik*

(can haram)


  1. 'snake'ing?..hurmm..I think I can guess apakah itu.. ;p
    so, next month will b ur last month keja, aite? enjoy all the 'snake'ing moment while u still can..haha
    owh ya, dun worry la bout u going to usm..penang seriously fun than kuantan..hoho..keji2..
    I'm sure everything will b myself pun masih cuak dok pikir how am I nnti kt upm tu..hopefully boley adapt dgn jayanya
    good luck for both us! ;)
    btw, ur doing the master by research ke coursework?