Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Have u ever lost someone who's very dear to you..

Later in life ...No matter how many people made it into your life and out of it..

Over and over..

And as the cycle repeats itself..

There will always be a place inside your heart that feels empty..

Remains empty...

You feel hollow...

Guess that person you'd lost is irreplaceable...

Have you ever felt that way??

I have...

*Tears and I'm in no mood for candy*


  1. I'm very sorry. That's a horrible feeling to have.

  2. arini aku tgh nekad nk mula 'idup baru'.. tp bila bc entri nih, aku rs sngt 'sayu' lak...

    aku suka 'i hate remembering, but i can't stand to forget' tuh... yepp..itu satu 'cabaran' wehh..

  3. As a matter of fact, people come and go in our life.
    When they come, they fill our emptiness.
    When the time comes, they will go.
    No one will stay forever.

  4. daszzle~
    it is horrible but u have no choice but to live with it..
    some thing happened can't be undone(^_^)

    cabaran but itula org kate..
    things that don't kill u makes u stronger..

    i like that quote..
    'no one will stay forever'..
    but u know some memory remains well glued in ur brain and very hard to erase..
    even wounds will heal but will leave it's scars..(^_^)