Monday, July 20, 2009


*aku bakal ibu mithali*

When I was a lilttle child I notice I picked up this habit of reading old magazines over and over again...It didn't stop there as it then leads to other things like reading instructions on old tin cans..on shampoo bottle...and books of course...especially books that I love....

I don't know whether it's a good habit or's just when you read all over again the feeling is not as the same as when you read it for the 1st time....

I still remember one day my ma was doing some 'spring cleaning' at home...She brought all the old books that we brought back form the States...All of 'em were mine...and she asked me whether I still want em if not she would throw it away...and I said no way...Usually all this books we get it on Yard or Garage Sales as we don't have enough money to but a new one..*lagu tema bersamamu*

While going through all the books,I gotta admit my personal favorite was this one thick book that compiles all the fairy tales form Grimm brothers..Hans Christian Anderson and many more....

Who doesn't love fairy tales..What I love more bout the book is that all the fairy tales inside are very original, authentic, untouched....nothing is modified in the book..exactly the same like what the authors had wrote. Some fairy tales bring tears to your 'the lil match girl'..'The Little Mermaid' (kalo ikut citer btol mermaid mati ok..jadi buih laut)...and many more...Unlike the ones that disney produced that has been thoroughly modified to suit the audience desire to only see happy ending....

There were tons of tales in it and even tales that you never heard of....i can read this book over and over again and never grew tired of it...Very nostalgic...(T_T)

My dreams one day is that when I have kids...I wanna read this book before they go to bed....At least this fairy tales I'll read to them will teach them that life is not always all beds of roses...

lagi satu buku citer aku suker ade this one pop up story giler...sampai skang kalo bukak buku tu aku jakun....

Kalo korg nak bace buku ni...datang la umah aku...hehehehe...

Btw..if you wanna look for old books at cheap price....Pegi la 'Pay Less Bookstore' it's in OU...

*back in States while reading a book papa will always fixed me milk mixed with hershey's chocolate syrup...dap siyuuuuuuuutttttt......nyum..nyumm*


  1. nanti kita pi umah fairuz, jgn lupa ek tunjuk buku pop up tu..hihi. bila nak gi KB nih...=)

  2. nurul~
    tp x jnji la..
    x tau mane mama simpan..
    last tym i only saw the fairy tale nyer buku jer..
    ade lagi satu buku yg lawa..
    beauty and the beast..
    nnti dtg umah ek..(^_^)