Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life if weird and full of secrets~

When I was young I used to say “life’s not fair”..

When I was in high school I still think life is unfair..

When I was in uni years I started thinking that life is all about karma..

Life turns round like a giant wheel..

Like a giant cycle is more like it..

You get what I mean..

On top and down..on top and down again..

Tables can be turn anytime...

and now…I think life is weird and full of secrets..

But in a good way…

It's my final day as a lecturer here...

M gonna miss all of em...

Lets just hope this 7 months friendship will turn into a lifetime of relationship..(^_^)

And today, I so many reasons to be happy...

hehehe…enough with the weirdness..nak bubble gum ker candy???


  1. Fairuz, nak suggest blog template. Go to http://www.yummylolly.com. :)

  2. cik ati~
    y thank u..
    tp kn..lol..
    x reti nk tukar..

  3. i would say...life is lame without the ups and downs, the karma, and the secrets. =) dontcha think?

  4. bontemps~
    life is lame w/out any of those..
    i can write a novel bout my life..
    pretty interesting i must say..
    n i notice that some 1 who's strange to u can understand u btter than any one u kno for years..