Thursday, July 23, 2009


I thought recollecting good memories will heal a person soul..Especially lonely souls....

But I kept dwelling on the past..The bad ones I mean....

My past is catching up on me again..

I thought I was rid of all that..

Boy, how was I wrong...

Why do I keep dwelling on the past when the only thing it does was bring tears to my eye?..

Last nyte...I cried without no apparent reason which is not healthy..

I couldn't bring myself to stop until I heard a lil voice inside my head...

It was him...he once told me...

'even the whole world ditched you, you still have me'

Then I stopped crying...

And fell asleep instantly.......

I hate remembering but I can't stand to forget........

Guess I just have to live with it...

p/s: Jas, you're right...Long distance relationship suck big time...

*I miss him and ate nestle tropicana ice cream which was his favourite*


  1. well pumpkin, relationship is never easy. hehe~

  2. saba yer peyoh :p
    mmg bnyk cabaran,dugaan long distance relationship kna tabah,kuat..yakin boleh, rakan muda..hehehe

  3. bontemps~
    u're right..
    esp long distance once..

    i kno...
    i'm hangin' there..

  4. cik jas~
    it's obvious the whole world is ditching me..
    but there are people who still cares..(^_^)