Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tag pertama seumur idup aku~

Bloghopping around and I bump into this caffeine addict young lady and then I knew..darn it..I've been tagged...Sooooo..lets see.....

: use Google image to search the answers to the questions below. You must choose a picture from the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.

*like her i didn't follow the rules....Maleh la...Some rules are meant to be broke kn?..HOHOHOHO..

(1) The age of my next birthday

  • due puluh enam taun

(2) Place (s) i'd like to travel to
  • Well I'd always love Greece (Land of the god and goddess)
  • Mecca of course...

(3) Favourite food
  • A well devoted Nasi Lemak lover..
(4) Favourite place
  • The beaches..(please watch the pronunciation, get it right sweetlings...)
  • Place that snows a lot..(nak wat snow angel and mr. snowman..)
(5) Nicknames i've had
  • badak
  • babad
  • tomato
  • bulat
  • bola
  • pumpkin
  • peroz
  • panda

(6) Favourite colour
  • Yellow..yellow and yellow..(silalah sakit mate)

(7) College major
  • Biotechnology
8) Name of my love
  • %$#^&&****&&^^%%%%%

(9) Hobby
  • Sleep..(am a sleepy head...hehehehehehe..)
(10) Bad habits
  • Sleep
(11) My wishlist
  • A Volkswagen car
  • An iPhone
  • A Beautiful Home
  • A beautiful family of my own (errr..does this count..)
(12) And i'm tagging..
  • cik knowlee
  • cik jas
  • cik rahah
  • cik mc la


  1. Wah, tag aku tros. Haha.
    Errr...aku buat la sbb mmg favourite aku buat tag nih. =D

  2. knowlee~
    wat ek..jgn x wat..