Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My shout out in facebook a few days back...
'I wanna do silly stuff in public just to see how much do I care what people think of me'..

I asked myself 'am I too old for doing silly stuff or act doofus in public?'..
Flashback during time when I was in Uni and Matric..
I did lots of silly stuff..never cared what other people think of me..

I used to burp in public (i's disgusting)..say 'Hi' to a stranger that i think is cute or hot..

I even once sang for a crush of mine by making dedication through Radio 4 on 'Romantic Tuesday'..
After I have been encouraged by friends of course...
I won an atomic kitten CD for the best dedication..but I never get my hands on the CD..hehehe..
And I knew a few friends of mine accidentally overheard the dedication through the radio..
I was never embarrassed..We had loads of fun...
I didn't have any idea that crush of mine heard it or not.....hahahaha...
silly days...
oh I'm getting old..but I can assure you that I'm still young at heart..hehehee..

I wanna go back through that time time where I never really cared about anything not fear of being me..

Wanna join me...Jom...hehehe...

i had ice cream last nyte..just can't help myself..hehehe..

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