Sunday, October 25, 2009


I watched oprah one day..

a guest she had with her was a finance experts..

quoted form the genius..

'you are really saving when you have no debts'

which lead me to make an excruciating embarrassing decision..hehehe..

i asked my ma..'ma, byrkn ptptn adik dulu bleh..i promise i find ways to pay u back'..

n she said 'ok..nnti adik bgtau mama ape mama kene wat..'

'LOVE U MA.....weeeehuuuuuuu~' least better than utang ngan lintah darat ptptn tu...



  1. so true. i once heard in a ceramah..

    tiada beban yang lebih berat daripada hutang.

    may us both be guarded against hutang.

  2. amiinnnn..
    and i also heard from somwhere..
    no no..i read from a column in a paper..
    mkn dlm siut tym bace..hehehe..
    it said,
    in settling debts...(kalo bnyk debt la ;P)..
    priority towards settling any educational debts or loans that u have...
    and that leads me to ask my ma for help..
    luckily she agreed..hehehe...kalo x..isk~

  3. i got a partial scholarship lepas converted from a loan. the thing is, my mom yg settlekan jugak lol.

    i love mommies, they're juz great!

  4. kire budak pandai la ni..
    i kno..we both have the best mommies in the world..
    seb baik aku dpt wat scholarship wat master.(n_n)