Saturday, October 31, 2009


Remember when you were young when your mama always tells u never talked to stranger..

Well at some points..she is is dangerous..

but as I grow up..I like to be surrounded by strangers..

It's easier if you live in the world where no one knows you..

A world where no one is too judgmental or too scrutinizing..

Being older I realize..I find it more comfortable sharing stories, memories or hurtful moments with a stranger..

It's just pure weird when you sometimes find strangers company very comforting and non intimidating..

and sometimes it's also weird to find some of 'em very understanding...

I wish I can live in a world filled w strangers..don't u?


  1. yeah, i kinda get what u mean. :P
    the more ppl know u, the easier it is for em to be prejudice.
    strangers got no presumptions bout ya.


    there's no closeness with strangers.
    they dont feel ya.

    im not sure whether a stranger would stand by ur side in challenging moments as ur friends would.

    im glad to have a lil' bit of both in this world.
    strangers and close friends. :)

  2. i kno there are no closeness in strangers..
    but having the one who's close to u..sometimes u fear they wud hurt u..
    when the one's u love hurts u..lg parah duh luka dlm jiwa...
    i dun mean to be a pessimist..or even trying to build walls around me..but sometimes u can't help it but to guard ur heart..
    m more careful after experiencing a hurtful past..
    that's all..huhu..