Thursday, November 12, 2009


*aku (bukan badan sebenar*

It only took 40 minutes when the table to be turn or someone fate could turn...

40 minutes, is all takes from my freedom to be taken away form me..

the day b4 i was a haapy bunny who cud go and hop anywhere she wants..a few minutes later..she stuck within a compund for 8 hr a day five days a week..


For the past three months my former SV is like sweetheart...

even if i come to school or not (bkn skola rendah ek..hehehe)..she wudn't care less..

After 40 minutes meeting with the new SV...she said this to me...

'From my point of view..master students, they are like working people..everyday i expect you to come to school 8.15 in the morning till 5 pm in the evening...i expect results,and only results...oo,one more thing..i am the type who'll follow my students..i'll even call in the middle of the night if i want too..'

adehhhh...kembali ke alam pekerjaan la aku ni..

the only difference is i can wear jeans and sneakers to work..

well..look on the bright side...maybe her strictness will helped me learn and speed things up.. is getting harder for me..isk3x~

selamat kembali ke zaman mereng..huahuahua~

well...look on the bright side..i still have my weekends kn~

hello work..goodbye freedom~

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