Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So just got back from home and I miss my family...

especialy the times where there are only four of us gurls wud sit in the dining room having dinner n sharing jokes..

i know it not nice to talk with your mouth full..but hey..what the heck..hehehhe..

so we were having dinner and my youngest sis burped out loud..i scowled at her..

then i decided to tease her..

while looking at her plate there is still food on it..lotsa of it to be exact..

then i said 'patutnya, after u burp..makruh tau mkn lg'

then my lil sis jawab..'ala, makruh jer..bkn nyer haram'

then i retaliate 'tp makruh x disukai Allah' *sambil wat muke org ilmu tinggi*

then one of my lil sibs cut the conversation by saying..

'ala, membazir tu amalan syaitan..lg Allah x suke!'....

darn it..segala muke knowlegeble have been wiped out of my face..

then those two youngsters high fived each other tanda kemenangan..

ampeh nyer bdk2 kecik....

yg eldest hanya gelak n geleng kepala...


i miss them~


  1. i miss mine too~~

    hehe..treasure them.savor every moment that u have with them.

  2. bontemps~
    right on..
    u get to choose ur friends..
    but u dun get to choose ur family..
    friends come and go..
    but family always stays~