Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A letter to someone I once knew~

Dear Kesayangan ku,

I have to write this even if it somehow will hurt you.But I just have to let you know how I feel and how much we miss that old lil girl that we used to tease 'all that matters to her is money'.
I Love that girl, but where did that girl go. Because the last time I saw her, she was someone I hardly knew..or maybe I don't know her at all.

Let me tell you what I think about love. You might wanna accuse me that I know nothing about love, but I've been in love, I once fell and it took me sometime to get back up again and it'll cost me forever to forget.

Love is when you take things slow. Love is nothing about fast and rush.

Love is about give and take. Not only one side giving and the other taking.

Love is rational. The one who is not rational is we humans.

Love is never blind. We humans are.

Love doesn't conquer all.That's a myth.

Love is no fairytale. Love is something that you have to work for not simply sit and it will run smoothly.

Love is amorphous and undefinable, but it can conform into different shapes and adaptable.

Love teaches us about respect and protect.Protecting the ones that we have taken under our wing (especially to men).

Love makes you glow.A woman is the prettiest when they are truly in love.

I know how amazing it feels to be love and wanted dear.Believe me I know.

The day that you cried was only the small portion of my sadness that I felt when I was forced to let him go.

Remember when you told me how you hate Twilight but you love the valedictorian speech that was given away...

'fall in love alot, makes lots of mistakes and when the time comes you'll know what you want to be'

But there are limit to making mistakes and every mistakes that you make, you're bound to pay an expensive price for it.

I know you want to know about the world, I don't mind, But do it the right way.

I know that you want to fall..but let me tell you something..Everyone falls eventually, but when they landed, there are several degrees of injuries that they have to withstand..Might be mild, might be severe and sometimes might be deadly.

Don't get me wrong, I will be there for you when you need me. That's a fact.

But what if you fall and you can't get back up again.My heart will be crushed...and later I will still be there for you but I don't want to be helpless and hating myself for not to being able to reverse the time and erase the mistakes that you once made.

Remember when you had a crush with that guy in your office.I like you a lot more when you were involved with him.Because even when you came back to us. You are still you.And you don't even have to pretend when you are in front of him.

But with this guy.When you came back to us.You are not you.You kept so many things hidden.Your words are twisted.To sum it up, You are not you.

I know now you wouldn't listen because you're stubborn as an ox.

But all I can see now is that you are in love with the idea of being in love and not the guy.

I can see when you're with him, somehow you have to restrained yourself from being you and I think that's selfish.

But I still know no matter what I say, You won't listen.

I am not gonna stop you, but I am not gonna encourage you either.

I love you and I want you to know that. We all do.We all miss the old you.

We are still us and we are still gonna be here for you.

Yours truly,
A friend who doesn't want you to fall.


Cheap Pop Song from Rhett Dashwood on Vimeo.

Bumped into this cute video and feels like sharing it..hehe


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kacang Soya~

*Mr Kacang Soya killer smile reminds me of him..hehe*

It's past my birthday and feels like doing some story telling..well not a fairy tale to be exact..just something that made me and my friends laugh our hearts out..

A few months ago I kinda bump into this cute creature (sebernarya saye rase die ensem..hehe~)..

So if there is that day that I would feel bored browsing at my friends and my own facebook, I would drop by his page just to have a look at that cute lil face..haha..

I told my friends bout this guy..they would laugh at me and say

'Piyuz memag dasar stalker'

And that got me laughing too..hehehe..

So there is this one day, a few days before my birthday..I just don't remember when..I just had a feeling to drop by his page..so there was my rummie, caught me red handed..and she mocked and smiled..

'oh common, enough with the stalking already, add him up already'...

'should I' I asked innocently (inesen la sgt kn..haha..more like seeking for approval)

'Just give it a shot..whether he adds you or not...pikir kemudian'

So I finally gather the courage , sucking a huge gulf of air and viola..I push that 'ADD AS FRIEND' button..

So I waited nervously for a few days..but still no respond..

I shared that personal concern of mine with my rummie..she told me..

'Try and checked when did he last posted something on FB'

and what we found out was that he changed his name to Kacang Soya...

and that got me wondering..does that has anything to do with me??*perasan sungguh..like he notice my existence plak..hahaha*

'Weyh, die da tuka name to kacang soya la' I laughingly told my rummie..

'Tu la you, stalk die sangat..kan die da tukar name..die takut kt you tu..' my friend further joked..

she then continued and laughed again,

'You, try la add him lagi sekali..this time you change your name to kacang menglembu'

I laughed hard..and accept that suggestion wholeheartedly..so I did try and change my name to kacang menglembu..but it failed..FB won't allow it..it even mentioned that:

1) you have to use your real name

2) That the number of attempt to get your name change are limited

3) once you exceed a limit you may never change the name ever again

so I kinda freaked out what if my name got stuck with kacang menglembu forever..If my ma knows sure she'll get pissed (sbb my ma rajin gak check her children fb trhu my youngest sis fb..ahahah)..name elok2 bagi tukar jadi kacang plak..

So to cut the story short, I didn't get my name changed even if i did tried and I didn't add him again..

My friend laughed and said,

'da da la tu, not meant to be'

I laughed with her and said..

'yeah, we better stop'

To mister kacang soya, just wanna say sorry if i freaked you out in anyway..My fb status a few days back:

'He has a killer smile but he just doesn't know yet'..was meant for you..just if you don't know it..that smile of your is realy something..hahaha..

It's makes me feel good doing all this thing while I can you know and somehow considering the whole thing as a birthday present to myself..My courage level was taken up to a new level (i think it did..rase mcm super mario naik size bdn lepas amik cendawan..hohoho)..which was pretty cool for a gurl who has no guts...hehe~

I had fun..well, so happy birthday to me and all the best to Mr. Kacang Soya...hahaha..

Thank you rummie and freinds for the encouragement..hahaha..~

Thank you Mr Kacang Soya for even existing..hehehe~

The prank stops here I guess..hehehe..~

Moral of the story is Kacang Soya baek untuk kesihatan kita..hohohoho~

*had a lil bite of magnum almond and found out that it is exquisite..yummy..found myself a new obsession..oh..saya penggemar tempe juga..teheee*

Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is for You~

*love is free and so is my hug..come give me a hug (meant for the people I love n care)*

I was once hurt and damage beyond repair and I wish for the ones I love will never travel the road that I had once taken..But if the road is meant for you to travel will blossom you into a beautiful strong person, let me walk behind you so when you turn back..You'll see me and know that I will always be there for you...Fear not...You'll never be alone~

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mama says~

*I realy like his character in the drama*

My ma once said, 'Kalau tengok cerita kt tv /movie tu,jgn la tgk jer, amik pengajaran..all of the events in the movies and dramas are actually derived from the real life situation, it is an exagegrrated version of reality'

Which is true..How can all those movie makers producers come up with all the creative ideas if not it's something that they actually seen it in real life and exaggerate it a lil bit...bada bing bada boom...money making machine..hehehe~

I like the character of Park Kyu in the Tamra The Island drama..so can I at least believe a man this kind actually exist in real life but in a form of little less exggeration..I hope a man like him does exist in this world...Tp nk cari kt mane..

This is more like a day dreaming post..forgive my shallowness..I am a girl after all..it's been ages I haven't found a new obsession after Hugh Jackman and Aaron Aziz..hehe..Now..Park Kyu (Im Ju Hwan is the real name)...wehuuuuuuu...~

Btw, I've been getting swimming lessons from Pkacik Zainoba..and now I can proudly say..I can swimm..yehuu..no more fear towards water..only fun fun fun..and a way for me to burn excessive and unwanted calories I've been consuming..and I can actually feel the difference...healthy and fit..wehuuu..and I can do 2 non stop laps without stopping...yeahhhhaaa~

Good day everyone..and don't forget to take that dosage of candy to make you feel happy..hehe~~

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


*gambar yg xder kena mengena tp nk share jugak..hehe*

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it's better that you do it - Mahatma Gandhi

I first bump into the quote when I watched the movie Remember Me. Well, I teman a friend to watched it because this friend of mine is a huge fan of Mr Pattinson.hehehe. I was surprised knowing that Mr. Bond (Brosnan) was also one of the cast in the movie..The movie was nothing that I expected. huhu.

I once posted this quote before in my blog but I kinda have forgotten what it was about.

I have a friend saying that she was dissapointed, after two years if research she finds her results insignifcant. Then I told her, insignificant is not a bad thing, it actually indicates something and it somehow tell you something. In research, if the results are insignificant, it somehow tells you something is wrong with the methods/ experiments that has been utilized.

In statiscal analysis, when you want to study the before and after effect of something, insignificant results indicates that there is no difference between the before and after of something. Thus, null hypothesis is not rejected. Which also tells you something.

So why is it that being insignificant is bad? It tells you things doesn't it. You might find it unimportant but it still tells you something.

Why do I still hear the someone still find themselves insignificant? Is being insignificant really that bad? Why? do you think that you have to be somebody big, rich and famous to help those who are in need. Even in our religion Islam taught us, if you can lend a hand, hand over something you can hand over (kemampuan).If you don't have that big bucks, then hand over some clothes that you no longer wear, blankets to keep them warm, food to feed their hunger and if you don't have all that, give them some word of encouragement and prayers. Insignificant as it may seem, but on the other side, the accepting, the hands that takes, it means a world to them.

If you realy want to make a difference, the first thing that you have to do is to love yourself. In Islam also mentioned, love your fellow brothers like how you love yourself. If you don't know how to love yourself that how are you suppose to love your fellow brother.

Insignicant is not nothing, it is something.

I sometimes do find myself insignificant, but you'll feel the significance of your existence if you are in the right crowd (family and friends) because somehow, they feel empty and they misses when you are not around.hehehe.

Even small things can make one big difference..=)

*Can teh tarik to be classified as candy, because it gives me the same oblivion feeling when I eat candy, chocolate and pastries*

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Adibah Noor~

*A picture extracted from the video defining Halal..Oh by the way..kt sebelah die tu Pn. Ong, my fav character in the vid*

When you mentioned the name above you have to admit that you just have to love her..

Last Saturday when I watched the Shout Awards 2010 (Repeat Show)..I have to admit how I admired the confidence and aura that she exudes..A lil envy too on how she carries herself so proudly not having to care what other thinks of her..

Having not to get intimidated by her partner at the moment who is Ning Baizura, I found her 10 times beautiful compared to Ning..Clad in a black blouse, a pair of jeans and a lil hint of make up..she still looks amazing and rocking the crowd..I think in a way she over shadowed Ning even if she was so glamorous looking with her heavy make up and sexy dress..hehehe.

She was once told by a entertainment company, in order for her to succeed in the indsutry she has to loose some weight, but she refuse to give in into the shallow perceptions and emerge into one impressive and well respected entertainer who she is now..

She lately had been elected to become to spoke person for many products, awareness campaigns and many more (the latest I watched was the Defining Halal video that I manage to dig out of facebook..memang la memcahkan perut).

When you watched her on air, the only thing that you focused on was the thing that she has to say and she realy gets you to listen..Who says that you need a gorgeous ladies to get the message across..some times it the message didn't get across because pretty girls are actually a distraction..(jgn marah..but it's true)..people would forcus more on them rather on the message that the ad was suppose to convey..betol x?..hehehe~

Where ever can you find a genius like this one..And I love her when she hosted the Spell It Right Challenge Competition...She makes the lame spelling bee comp into a pretty fun playground..heheh~

And I am just proud that many Malaysians has pass through the stage that only prettiness can realy live in the real world..We're moving ahead and I am somehow proud..breaking the habit and freeing yourself from the usual norm ain't an easy task, but the unusual sometimes is pretty fun too...you get to see things from a different perspective and understanding more what it's realy like to be in someone elses shoe right?~

Labels are for clothing but not for people, so stop stereotyping because every indvidual is unique in their own way!~

*Just had an amazing wedding cake, yummy~*

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A short post~


How I wish that the are LIKE buttons in here so I can utilize it to show someone how much their comments affected me..

your comments makes me smile..

Thank you, commenting, dropping by or even passing by..

I think you guys are wonderful!~

*I think mentos is one pretty cool invention in the candy industry*

Monday, November 22, 2010

The One~

''Kalau you tak boleh nampak bodoh depan orang yang you sayang, depan siapa lagi??'' - Gigi Besi (Fakir), Pisau Cukur.

If you know that you found THE ONE..you would agree with the above statement..

Because in front of him you don't have to pretend or be whoever that you are not..

It's not that I am in love at the particular moment, Just a little advice to those who are in a relationship...

A healthy relationship will make you blossomed into someone beautiful, a better person..

Sebab tu orang2 tua selalu kate..

'Wanita adalah paling cantik bile mereka di lamun cinta..berseri'

To any of my darlings, forgive If I some what not able to fulfill your invitation but always know my prayers goes to you guys and you partner..It'd not easy finding him/her in the first place, so cherish every moment that you have with each other..love, toleration and patience is the key word...Don't forget to invite me for your baby showers...Love you guys to bits~

*Congratulations to my cousin on your wedding..she's lovely!..have a blissful marriage..didn't get the chance to take a bite of your wedding cake...darn it..wedding bells can be heard miles away...bnyk betol weddings approaching this year end..love love everywhere*

Sunday, November 14, 2010


*Sri Norfitriani Mohamed Shukry*

Tidakkah mendedah dan menyebar kejahilan org sama seperti kita menyebar aib mereka..Jgn terlalu lantang bersuara apabila kita juga tahu masih banyak kerompongan diri yang perlu di tampal~

This was my facebook status a few days back..the sole reason I wrote the status is because I was pretty much disappointed to almost all human beings that existed in the facebook community..

And a friend responded the status by giving this comments...

'Sri Norfitriani Mohamed Shukry : it is in every culture. breaking the habit is not an easy task, but we must always try to lead by example.. how about starting with jgn busybody dan no mengumpat? :) miss talking to you!'

I have always love this girl from the bottom of my heart..because whenever I talked to her, when I see her, I can be myself, she never judge and pretty damn honest when she talks about something and everything..She seem to know what I am thinnking, she seems to get me..I think this is what you harvest from a lifetime of friendship with someone (dari zaman hingusan lg dengan budak nie)..Though she is miles away, I know she'll be there whenever I need her. =)

Back to the main issues, is not that I mind that people are disseminating information or dakwah around, but I resented the way they are spread..I mean, is it realy good? for people sharing some videos regarding on someones kejahilan (ignorance) and leaving some pretty damn eye soring comments like as if they live their whole world doing good and heaven are guaranteed for them in the afterlife..

Hate to break this to you, it's not you who have the right to judge people..those comment that you guys leave hoping that it'll make you look scholarly and pious would only further reflect you stupidity and your ignorance as well I tell you.

If you realy want to do goodness to the world, You've got to do it the right way, with the right word.

Allah is great and kind..You never know, cause sometime even the smallest deed will lead your way to heavens door..Remember the story of the compassionate prostitute who uses her shoes to gave a thirsty dog to drink...Her sincerity brought her to heavens door even without her having to knock on it...That is how kind Allah is.=)

Check on yourself before you say or jugde something..I never dare to judge anyone cause I know even I have so many holes that needs to patched up.

This is my personal space where I pour my personal resentment and personal thoughts. I would like to apologize if I hurt anybody because that is not my intention.Just hoping that you guys would see things from a different perspective, from my perspective.

Have a nice day you all!~

*Juliet once told me 'No wonder you're so sweet, because you like to eat sweet things'..auwwww..(mode presan kejap)*

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Babushka Frenzy Ad~

Babushka is a woman's headscarf folded into a triangle and tied under the chin; worn by Russian peasant women..in case if you guys are wondering what it is...hehehe~

I just find the word cute and somehow hoping to capture your attention..hehe

Liking the shawls that you've seen in the picture above and hoping to have it..do visit:


I've been with this girl since day one and loving all the shawls that she sell...In fact, I've been getting shawls for every edition that she came out with..I've even bought a few syria's for my mom from her..hehehe...wanting to share the pretty wonders with my dear readers..have fun browsing..hehehe~

*Do you know : Bubble gum was invented by Frank Henry Fleer in 1906, but was not successful; the formulation of Fleer's "Blibber-Blubber," was too sticky. In 1928, Walter E. Diemer invented a superior formulation for bubble gum, which he called " Double Bubble."*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


*Good laughs - Juliet Ooi and Azrin Adrina Graduation Album - Photograher: Nooriati Taib*

I heard her sigh..

Then I smiled and told her,'Hey, don't sigh..it's not good for you'

She asked, 'Why?'..

I continued 'Someone once told me, if you sigh, the level of your IQ will drop by several points'

She said 'OOO, realy never heard of that one before'

I further add 'Tu la, I bet if you stopped sighing like ages ago, you would be Genius like Einstein, know you're stuck at CLEVER'

She laughed and said 'Tu la kan, I used to be a genius rupanya..'

Than we laughed together..hehehe

Miss sharing intelligent and sophisticated jokes with you..can't wait to see you this weekend Juju...Seems like when I make jokes only our clans would understand it...In other words, you guys get me~

And everytime I bumped into a genie or Aladdin lamp, my thoughts would straight wander away and think of you...cause you once told me...If a genie grant you a wish, you would wish for a hundred more wishes, and fyi, and I think that anwers is plain genius and I don't feel that you're stuck at CLEVER....Hehehe..~

Just wanna say, I am surrounded by geniuses - Nooriati Taib (Art, Design and Business Genius) Juliet and Azrin (writing genius) Naddy (Pharmaceutical Genius) Winda (Natural Resources and Business Genius), Sarah (Environmental and Make up genius)..hehehe~

Friday, November 5, 2010


*no that kid is definetly not me..hehe~*

It's been so long since I felt like a kid..

Which part of being a kid you asked?

A part where you don't have to worry what other people say about you and just do whatever you wanna do..no matter how ridiculous that thing might be..You just go for it..nothing can bring you down or make you feel disheartened by any remarks from any external sound maker..

One of my must do list that is learning how to shoot some hoops or learn how to play football on real field..

So there I was waiting for some our midnight movie (Takkers) with my date that night Misz Naddy..There has been some slight problem made us watched that midnight show and forced us to wait for a few hours.

Then while prancing around the mall I saw some crowd watching some kid shooting some hoops at an arcade. I told Naddy it seems like fun and I manage to convinced her to go get some tokens and shoot some hoops..But getting the tokens weren't easy as we have to pass a large group of males that crowded the place like bees swarm over the bee hives...but we did it anyway..

And we shoot some hoops and boy we got addicted..we turned out passing our time shooting hoops and later realize that we were the only head covered female in the arcade ..hohoho but we braved the crowd anyway even if we attracted some awkward stares from the people around..

After we were satisfied shooting some hoops we just realize there is a huge crowd of guys behinds us were watching our antiques...well we were in an awe and embarrassed at the same time but the guys seem to give us some admirable stare (mostly chinese)..Seems like we were realy good..and that made me feel like a kid again, being impulsive and not giving a shit what others has to say..If you feel like doing it just do it..hehehe...so I guess, am not gonna stop there..I wanna shoot hoops on the real court and we already have our list of potential coach..hehehe..

It's not to old or to late to learn new stuff and enjoy it...So for you guys out there go shoot some hoops and chase you dreams..no matter if its bungeee jumping, rock climbing paragliding, river rafting, ballet dancing, swimming the seven seas...no matter how insane it might sound..I would say GO FOR IT and HAVE FUN!!Break a leg all you gorgeous people out there and dare to dream!!~

*gotta say I am pretty much in love with the new layout..enjoy the sweetness you guys, bite chew and crack it*

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Raising children is tough, why?

If you have a daughter, all your life you have to worry the minute she is out of your sight.

If you have a son, the toughest thing to teach are responsibilities, commitment and how to respect women.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ya Allah,

Setiap hari dalam doaku ku pinta pada-Mu,

Ajarlah hambaMu erti kerendahan hati, kesedaran dalam kekurangan diri,
Dan ingatkanlah hamba-Mu ini, bukan tempatnya untuk dia menilai dan meghukum manusia,
Hanya Engkau sahaja yang berhak menilai dan meghukum manusia,
Sesungguhnya, hanya Engkau yang maha mengetahui segala rahsia hati dan pemegang segala ketentuan hamba-Mu..

Ku pohon lagi agar engkau jauh kan la aku dari berperasangka buruk kepada manusia yang lain..
Ajarkanlah aku bagaimana menghulurkan bantuan kepada mana saudara yang memerlukan,
Jadikanla aku seorang yang pemurah, tidak mengharapkan apa balasan kecuali dalam mencari keredhaan Mu..

Ingatkan la hamba-Mu jikalau dia lalai dan terlupa..

Maafkan la segala dosa..Sesungguhnya aku adalah hamba-Mu yang hina dan penuh dengan cela..


After having to go through two weeks of agony with insomnia, I just discovered I don't have a decent pair of HEELS~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Whack it~

*budak kecik itu bukan saya*

it was 1996, my first of school in Sabah..I hate it that day, I even hated the fact that the whole family was forced to move here in the first place..well, that was what we always do since the first day I was born..pindah randah..nomadic family we are...huhu..the week before, after we settled in Sabah in a very luxurious home i say (beacause the house was quite big and full furnished..huhu..)..but i was still wounded by the fact having to move and left all my dearest friends behind..ok melalut lg..where was I, oh yes, after a week we settled in my mom went through all the trouble looking for bus that would send us back and fro to school.And it was my first time having to venture through school all alone as my sister was in her first year of high school. The school was divided into 2 huge group, elementary lower(darjah 1 - darjah 4) and elemantary upper (dajah 5 - darjah 6)..so elementary lower leh balik awal la...recess awal, you get what i mean la..walaupun we're in the same school we realy don't get to see much of each other..huhu...

so the school finally ended, i have always hated first day, having to go through the agony of people staring at you like u are some kind of alien or something ...so there i was waiting at the school canteen all by myself (hey, it was my first day, don't expect me to make like a bundle of friends..isk)..half an hour passed me by and the school canteen was nearly empty and deserted leaving me and some kids around...I panicked with the thought that the school bus had actually left me stranded there..what should i do..what if i get kidnapped, what if i bumped into an alien..kalo tetibe harimau lalu...(ok, exagerrating as usual la kn..kate budak2, imaginasi tinggi la sket.da la dulu2 mane ade handphone)..so i gave the bus another 5 minutes and still it didn't show up..I was determine..i gather all the information in my head trying to put the of maps together..the way back to my home (pikir balik gerun la sbb dari dulu mmg my sense of directions sucks..huhu)..but i did it anyway..i walked home which if i am not mistaken around 5 kilometer from my house..

when i reached home, i was soaking wet with sweat..when i enter the house my mama asked..

'adik da balik, bas ok x.?'

i answered..

'ok jer' (pdhal tipu jln kaki balik rumah...)

i went straight upstair to avoid any further interrogation, takut kantoi...mandi and change my clothes..tetibe..mama jerit..


ape plak ni..so i went downstair..then i saw the bus right in front of my house..muke driver pucat ingtkn i hilang...ALAMAL KANTOI...muke i pn pucat sekali la...aduhhh..mmg nasib x baek btol..isk~

mama kt tgn da pegang batang penyapu...GULP..


dah katoi nk wat cmner lg...i nod...aunty bas already left and mama kejar satu rumah dgn penyapu..i got a few hard WHACK on my back side and legs..huhu..

that night mama apply ointment on my kaki..

'lainkali, bas lambat mcm mana pun tunggu..faham..bahaya adik buat mcm tu....'

mmg sampai sekarang mama duk ungkit the one particular stunt that i pull..

she always said this..

'dalam semua enam anak mama, adik la paling mama susah nk jaga sekali..'

hahahaha...mmg dulu i am very hard be taken care off...i was even the child that make her shed tears so many times...but now am going to make up to u ma..

And Sabah was the longest place that my family has settled in, almost 6 years and till now, i grew very fond of that place..hoping to go back there someday..i realy do..one day when i have the time I-Allah...

so in a nutshell adik2...bas lambat cmner pn silala tunggu yer...kalo x dtg jugak gi bilik guru mengadu..huhu...sekian~

*sheikh muzaphar wedding was grand, but i can see it in his eyes, it's not what he wanted, i think he wanted something more simple and humble...nk wat cmner, the price you have to pay in being a celebrity...best wishes*

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


*mase world cup ari tu...Spain beat Germany...isk..but we're still best bud..kn naddy kn..heheh*

It was back in 2006, I met this wacky girl, during practical..the first moment we sit and talked i new that instance that this is going to be more than just being a practial buddy..as the 3 months practical ended we parted ways...but we didn't part completely part...still getting hold of each other thru friendster (ok, aku tua, friendster was the IN thing tau time tu..hahaha~)....but then again due to being busy and stuff we both kept quite for quite sometime...

Not until December 2009, washing dishes in the toilet after slurping some good old fashion maggi..i saw her...it took me a while to realy digest the fact that she was there...she didn't notice me at first then i shouted her name just to get some confirmation...she looked at me and we were hysteric (jerit2 peluk kt toilet...yes reunion kitorg kt toilet bakti USM..ngok..huhu)..org siap keluar shower kemban2 ingt ade fire drill...but this is what they call jodoh i guess..u don't see it coming, but when it does the feeling is unbelievable overwhelming...hahaha...Good to have her back in my life..minah ni mmg best...hehehe..naddy, hoping for this friendship last for an eternity...


ngadu pada naddy pagi tadi (minah ni mmg tmpt i ngadu benda2 remeh...manja kn)..

  • naddy sakit tekak lagi ni...sore throat cam x sembuh2..= die kate, pi la minum ayaq teh ais..sure sembuh~
  • naddy apesal whenever i am in the room, rase nk membuang, tp bile pi toilet x mau plak = die kate, xleh nak wat pa da la..buang jer la dalam bilik...isk
one of the reasons i love her and there are many more..^^

*i bought a huge can of Julies love letter and i bet it's gonna keep me company for a while..yummy*

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


If a girl makes the first move...

What do you think of that?

Go ahead just shoot...I just want to know what you guys think...hehehe...male or female...open for debate...hehehe~

and curiousity might kill cats, but it won't kill me...am not a cat...but am a cat person..hehehe~

*tesco didn't restock yan yan so i scavenge for a new obsession..found one...meiji...biscuit with chocolate filling...go try and knock urself out*

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Second Chances~

Second chances...what do you have to say about second chances...

I thought giving out second chances is easy, like it the movies you always witnessed..

'hey, give him/her a second chance...he's a changed man/woman'...

I have always thought of, when you give out second chances, it would e as easy as that...

But as I face through hardship in life..I learnt that second chances don't come easy, like respect, you have to earn it...It's rare...

Imagine if someone hurt you beyond repair, destroy the trust that you have given him/her..the very person that strip down all your guards, wear your heart on your sleeves and he/she hurt you..would second chances come easy...No, it doesn't...

I know in life, there really are no bad guys/gals, people turn out to be the person they are today is due to certain circumstances...but under that circumstances, there is by any chance that a person can might actually be strong and emerge as a good person rather than bad..I see that happen...In life, you have choices and that choices show what kind of person you are..i know decision making is not an easy thing in life, all that i asking..if you want to make that choice don't make a rash decision, because sometimes without you knowing it, the choices you make also effect the people around you..don't be selfish..just sit and think look around you analyze and minimize the risk..the risk of hurting someone..

how can you give a second chance to someone who makes rash decision, broke you heart into pieces...giving second chance to be friends again or being close to you again..

I can't give it out because every time I see all that faces it would remind me of how easy I can get hurt and how long it took for me to recover my sanity...Does the word SORRY would fix anything and evrything..it doesn't work for me...It's not easy...I'm sorry I just can't...Why do the people I love keep breaking my heart like this...How am I ever gonna see things back to the way they are again...I can't...as much a they say time heals everything..I wonder is mine gonna take forever and the longest...It's not that i don't forgive, I long ago forgave...what is left in me is fear...fear to be hurt again...it's scary and it hurts...

Second Chance don't come easy, it's rare and you have to earn it...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Grey's Anatomy~

Do you know one thing about life that I am blessed with, since the day I graduated, I was never left unemployed for long..only a few months..But I was destined to do the things that I love..

After I graduated, A friend from UIA (again..huhu) called me up saying..

'hey, want a job, but the pay is not that grand..we could use some help here'

Then I said..

'I would love to..don't worry am not after the money, only experience..coz it's priceless..hehe'

At first my mom refuse to let me go because of the pay, but I manage to convince her that I need to do this...and it's not for the money...huhu~

What I love about my job is because it involves lecturing..I had fun..for the first job, it is on contractual basis, my works ends as the semester ends..but I love it..I had to conduct and monitor labs for Organic Chemistry and Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry of Natural Product...Sounds tough eay..well, it is tought when you're the one that has to do all the explaining...huhu..

Later, I was called for and interview for a lecturing position..A Level students under MARA..I nailed the job..but heck I was nervous caused I'll be teaching future doctors..

I had to teach them Biology, and I had the chance to be with them for a semester..even for a semester it was an amazing journey for me...I was not very good at times, but this kid also make me grew to be better at what am I doing back then...

It wasn't easy back then,

But I didn't mind at all, the..

Late nights of studying and preparing just in case that the students ask you questions in class hoping that you'll be prepared for it...preparing for slides..tons and tons of papers to mark, quizess, lab reports..tending their problems, academically or even personal matters...I found joy in doing what I was doing..

My students in UIA, they are probably in their third year know..and another batch has graduated already..

And my A-Level students, last I heard, most of em already flew all and scattered all over europe (ireland, UK, czech republic) australia and Indonesia last raya...How am I proud of em...and I guess the next time I watched Grey's Anotomy, it will remind me that my students will turn in to that in the future..the feeling is simply blissfull...

And now, am doing my MSc in USM under the UIA fellowship (scholarship), I won't have the chance to run from lecturing anymore..but then again, I don't mind, I love what I do..whether now or ever...I will love this...

It's true la what Juliet said, 'Jodoh you dengan kerja lagi kuat compare to jodoh you with man'..erkkkkkk...

but for now, i don't really mind, at least, work don't break your heart like man does kn..hahaha~

A lil trivia:


  • If all major forms of cardiovascular disease were eliminated, human life expectance would increase by 9.78 years.
  • If a person or an animal is born colorblind, they instantly have excellent night vision.
  • The average person has over 1,460 dreams a year.(keep dreaming people)
  • Your blood vessels, if laid end to end, would encircle the globe twice over.
  • Turtles and sea cucumbers can breathe through their butts.(You didn't see this one coming..hahaha...don't laugh it's true)
*have a nice day everyone..remember, candy a day keeps your frustration at bay*

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stainless Steel~

I sometimes wish that I am made out of stainless steel,

unreadable, more aloof, rigid and and immune from any sorts of emotions (esp the bad ones)..

I am readable they say, very easily read, but what annoys them is that, when I am upset, I don't share it, just kept everything to myself..

All my feeling, whether I am happy or when I am sad, whether am I in fear, agony or angry...all are channeled in a form of a crystal clear fluid which is tears...well, call me a cry baby..but i dun cry in public like a baby does (but how I wish I could do that)..but no, i like usually cry in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep..(T_T)~

Juliet use to say, 'Sometimes I feel guilty whenever I am happy because I don't feel like I deserve it'

and I would tell her the feeling is mutual...but I would tell her again, 'but Juliet, God is great, you have to remember, for a girl like you, who has gone through so many hardship in life, you deserve to be happy, He wants you to be happy'...

I constantly keep reminding myself, whatever happens in life, whether it's good or bad, good and bad experiences they are always good for you...everything comes with a lesson for you to learn, all you have to do is use your brain and heart, dig a lil deeper and you'll find it..Again God is great, and He is fair..it'll take sometime for us too see all the silver linings but yes He is the Greatest..always know what is best for you..

So many things that has happen in life..most of them are very heartbreaking but I know I can do this...

As much as I want to me made out of stainless steel, I think I'll settle with the ME I have now..

Coz looking back, if I realy want to be a stainless steel might as well as I be one insensitive mean B**tch..hehe..but no..that's not me...I am ME...

Dearest friends all that I am begging are for your kindness and prayer...I would return the favour by praying for you guys to..thank you..

*I don't write journals because it'll be to depressing, I wrote it here so I can share and get useful advices..because someone once told me, the best advice sometimes comes from faceless strangers..(^_^)*

Sunday, September 5, 2010

For a day the everybody wins..~

To all the ones I love and care, no matter where you are this heavenly ginourmous globe, or no matter where I'll be in the future, I just wanna let each and one of you know, I got your back...If I hurt you in anyways, forgive my ignorance as I don't realy mean for it to happen..hurting you guys would mean I hurt myself..Selamat Hari Raya..love you and you and you..~

Friday, September 3, 2010

What If~

Ramadhan has been lovely so far...

I can't explain..but lately..I prefer to be alone..just needed some me time..

'What if'...I hate these two words..

I have once heard that elders once told me that the word 'What if' is not good..evil comes with it when you say it..not in an obvious way but in a very dark microscopic kinda way..

I never understood it back then but now I do..I did is more like it..

There has been so many things that has shaken me up to say the word 'What if'...

I've been asking so many 'What if' questions until I realize I got carried away...

Asking to many 'What if's' makes me realize that I forgot on how to be grateful...

Ya Allah,please forgive for my ignorance and carelessness, and for letting myself getting carried away...I have always been grateful with everything that has happen...

Whether it's good or bad, they are all good for.. I have always known that and I have always believe...

Forgive me Again....

*I realize I dun crave anything during Ramadhan and am shedding 5 kilos outta my system..it's freaky realy*

Monday, August 23, 2010

In measuring one's life achievements is not by looking how far he/she has made it or how much he/she has achieved, but by looking at how much values of life he has learned, inculcate and passed on (Me, 2010)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tribute to Juliet~

*from the left: wiwin, me,iati, azrin & Juliet*

*from the left: me, naddy, wiwin, azrin & juju*

*ini la Juliet*

A lil story I would like to share with my dear readers..

Juliet..love her like a lil sister..

During my break at home this lil girl texted me,

''kak fairuz, am very determine that I am gonna start fasting this weekend''

deep down I was touched and surprise..I replied,

'realy darling, but bear in mind k, it's not gonna be easy but I know you can do this'

dalam hati berbunga, but it didn't happen last weekend due too certain problems..

but she started her fasting yesterday..just like a Muslim would do..wake up for sahur, stop drinking when the she heard the azan..berbuka biler azan..juga puasa segala kata x sehat..hehe~~

and proud declaring that she is fasting at her office (and she told me that a few laughed at her thought tha she was silly..her colleagues, many of em are Chinese like her~)..

and being a proud friend and a big sister, she manage to finish fasting the whole day like a normal Muslim would...

AND today she continued her fasting routine waking up for sahur...

one thing about Juliet that I find it impressive is that, when she does something she would look out for facts on the benefits on the stuff that she do and share it with us..such a smart girl..

and she browse and scout for many facts about the benefits of ramadhan and fasting ..which kinda in a way making more knowledgeble bout ramadhan and fasting itself..*hikmah hikmah*~

and today she sent me a text message that made me smile..

'Dear, syukur, just a day fasting and God already rewarded me 4 being patient..soo happy..'

this message was sent after she received a call that she has nailed a job at The Star (northern region section)...

she sounds like a true Muslim right, but that's not the point..

I am grateful that God has sent this bright lil girl to me, she teaches me a lot of stuff, reminds me waht a Muslim should do..even if she herself not a Muslim and another interesting thing bout her is that she knows all history Islam, nabi and Rasul...Insaf nyer saye...

Juliet, am happy to have you in my life..your presence a brings a lil light in my life even if you might not know it...dan sahabat2 yg laen..nnti ade tribute utk kamu juga..sayang kamu semua~

Monday, August 16, 2010


*Blackberry for Him and Ipod Shuffle for darling hearthrob Lynn bucukk (semoga kurang stress nk SPM this year ok laling*

Last week I treated my lil bro a blackberry phone..

and the conversation took place after he got his hand on the new blackberry..~

adik (me) : amacam, seronok x dpt blackberry...huhu

beruang sengal : seronok, thanks adik (walaupun sbenarnya saya seorang kakak..=P)

adik (me) : haih, thanks jer...(dalam nada gurau~)

beruang sengal : ok ok, nnti abang balik abis study and officialy a doctor you can come to me
anytime if u need MC...

adik : ngeng...blaja rajin2 sudah...tu hah, rajin2 call papa and mama ek..

beruang sengal : hey, abg rajin jer call...miss call..(pftt..dasar loyar buruk..=p)..

*tahun depan dia balik mama kater, nak sruh kakak kawen tym tu...hehehe..happy..but erk..alamak..abisla, kalo kakak lepas ni nnti semua mata tertumpu kt adik..isk..da kene ready jawapan cepu mas utk thn depan...~*

*will be having my fav snack for buka puasa = yan yan..^^*

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Going Places~

Penang - KL - K.Terengganu - Kelantan - Penang

Yerp 5 places within a week..

As tired as I got but it was meaningful enough spending that whole week with a beruang sengal and orang lidi..kakak, lynn, gurl and of course my parents ..


On the day that I reached KL (lucky it wasn't Ramadhan), I had a lousy trip form Penang, as we are about the reached KL the bus broke down in a middle of nowhere and the driver had to pranced around the highway looking for buses that could fit/squeeze us in..so within that half an hour we had to changed bus and I arrived a lil late.

When I reached Bukit Jalil which was around 12.30 pm, my dad's driver was already there to pick me up along side with my mother and my two brothers. I thought my ma was planning to take me back to the hotel to rest but instead the whole crew decided to hit Sogo.

Since Sogo had a big wild member sale so my ma got carried away and bullied me to follow her shopping at that mall until 6.30 in the evening. Lucky I have my two bros with me to keep me company.

Just when we reached the hotel, the only thing I want to do is hit the shower and straight to bed. Pretty exhausted. I did just that, so I picked up the toothbrush, and straight away brush my teeth. The toothpaste tasted weird but I was just to tired to pay attention to any details, but the longer I brush my teeth, I notice that the taste of that toothpaste is to fragrant and absence any taste of peppermint..so I decided to checked...Oh darn, that's not a toothpaste, It was shaving cream..bluerghhhh....Curse the hotel for creating a similar tube..it's to identical to tell it apart, especially when you are tired.isk..Just when my day could have gotten anyworse...

In a nutshell, check the tube before brushing you 're teeth..the aftermath taste of the cream lingers in my mouth till the next day..bluerghhh...

p/s: esok nya mama buli lagi gi Sogo, but I gotten myself a new wallet and gladiator ~

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What does this two have in common~

*same tapi x serupa*

Last couple of weeks..

I was in car rides with all the lovely ladies..

Then on the way on entering the USM entrance gate, my eyes caught a group of international students making their way towards the same direction...

*light bulb*...

I was trying to entertain my group of lovely ladies with my killer sense of humour..

Then I blurt..

'Juliet* akon...'

*referring to a guy in the group that actually look like akon but actually he's not..*

The car was quite...*bunyi cengkerik agak kuat walaupun xder cengkerik sebenarnya*

Then I notice Juliet reached for the air cond...

I was then moved to ask Juliet..

'Nape kuatkn air cond Juju (name manje I for Juliet)'

Juju answered..

'Lorr, td you kate air cond...I pun kuat kn la...Ingatkan You panas'

Speechless...*minah nk kn suke la buat aku speechless*

Finally I explained my real intention when I mention the word Akon (yer Juliet, bkn air cond) ..sume gelak...*lorr baru nk gelak ker..isk (T_T)*

So much trying to polish aku nyer sense of humour.. fail miserably..huk huk....

In a nutshell, akon same ngan air cond...have a good day and thank you..~

p/s: Saye suke kenekan Juliet* sbb die sgt la best utk di kenakan...huhu~

*Mengidam kinder bueno*

Friday, July 30, 2010


Brought my hand put it on my chest..

'Ya Allah, I beg of You to return the part of my heart that was taken away and I would ask for nothing more..as later in the future, this whole heart belongs solely to my husband'

This is what happened when you have scientist and a medical student bukak forum at my wall post~

*click on the picture for a larger view*

It started as a normal Status post...aleh2 melalut jd session mari megulangkaji pelajaran microbiology and immunology..hahaha..~

I had colourful and amazing July..I hope you do too..~


1) mind my grammar and typo ek..it's a problem that I have always have and still fixing it...=P
they say it's because i got all to excited smpai nyk tinggal benda and make so many

2) despicable me is the cutest movie ever (agnes and the lil yellow minion sgt cumil..isk)~

3) masuh gagal mencari peneman tengok Ong Bak 3~

*am craving for snickers*

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Poem I made myself~

When you fight with all your might,
To no avail and live in tears,
open your heart don't close it tight,
let the love banish the fears,

When the anger holds your heart,
All it do will tear you apart,
Set it free with all you heart,
Only then will sorrow part.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

When two hearts finally chained in a sacred bond~

Dear Jaslina Jasni and Muhammad Fardy,

To my dearest friend, who has always been there...here is what I have to say,

Pak Dee,

May you never steal lie or cheat,

But if you have to steal, Steal her heart away,

If you have to lie, than lie with her in the nights of her life,

And if you have to cheat, then try to cheat death as I know that she can never live without you.

Jas and Pak Dee,

Be Happy and have a blissful Marriage,

Some sulking and Good Fights wouldn't hurt a marriage,

As I heard from someone, the best part in a marriage and relationship is making up..hehehe~

Glad to be a part/a lil trivial in both of your life...(^^,)

Siti Fairuz Che Othman

p/s: yes, that's me in yellow yellow sun~

Monday, July 19, 2010

Changing Lanes, when you decided to do that..don't expect the obstacles to be lesser than the other..It takes courage to lead a life and compassion to love those who walks with you - Me

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Public Speaking~

Dear unknown,

Remember when you gave me out this advice,

'one tip for public speaking. learn to enjoy the public and speakin aint gonna be so weird after all.'

I had proposal my presentation dated on 16 th of July,

I DID IT...hehehe...I made through even if my knee was shaking and collide with one another while I was standing behind the rostrum~

Just as I thought that the whole thing was over, the department programme coordinator came up to me..

'Congratulations, I love your confidence and your public speaking skills are exceptional'


Then she added

'Now I want you to represent the school and USM for a competition in an upcoming conference in Oct'

darn..it's not that I don't like it..I appreciate the attention and compliments..

But I am more terrified...2 months to go...go go Peroz!!~

Unknown..I need a major and useful advice on this one bro..isk..(T_T)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A poem I made myself~

If I am down with sorrow,

It’s your happiness that I want to borrow,

If you are down with sorrow,

My happiness I will allow you to borrow.

Thank you guys for simply being there when I need you guys the most. And yes, my happiness I will allow u to borrow anytime you guys need it.

p/s: ye..saye xder dlm gamba

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Comeback~

Being called jerk on your first day of school in a foreign land is nothing compared to my little brother's agony...Unlike his sisters, it was his first time ever going to school..kindergarten to be precise..(In States, the educational system differs from ours, where primary starts from kindergarten to the 5th grade, middle school and finally high school)..Which mean my brother, my sister and I went to the same school..

It was his first day of school..and being the mother's darling it was also his first time for him to part form my mother for a while (bape jam jer pn..bdk ni mmg ngade..anak mak)..So, the only thing my brother did on the first week at school was shouting out his teary agony and protect until the whole school halls bells with his cries (such a cry baby..)x macho sungguh)..I also remembered when the principal summon me to go to his class to calm him down.,which was pretty embarrassing to me...He even cried during lunch and pulled me to sit with him at his class lunch table, where later I was scolded by his homeroom teacher and was chased away to sit at my own class table (which was equally embarassing also)..As time passes by, he began adapting to the whole school and life as a kindergarten student..hehehe..and he no longer needed me to be by his side anymore..(lupa daratan tol.=P)..

One day, during recess after I had my lunch, I have a bad feeling bout something, but I didn't know what it was. I let my insticts leads my body and feet to a specific direction until I spot something..there he was my little brother..a lil bully pulled my brother's jacket from the back causing my brother to choke and the sound of him cried made my heart lurch..Without me noticing it, I thunder my way through the crowd and to my brother pulled the bully and give him a good blow in the face...he ran away..and I took my lil brother in my arm and tell him everythings gonna be alright...(by the way,at the same time I sshocked by my own capability in being a total barbarian and such violence..hahaha..must be the sisterly instinct..hehehe~)

That won't be the only time I'll protect him from harm...I will look after him till the end of time (and all my siblings too of course...yg lain2 tu nnti saye cerita ek!!)..He' will always be my little baby brother..hehe...~

He's coming back soon...Can't wait....It's good to have him back after for so long..even for a lif it is for il while..heheh..=)

Selamat Pulang Bro..hehehe..~