Saturday, January 2, 2010

A little girl's dream~

When i was young being the middle child i have always realize...nothing is about has always been putting someone else in front of me...i grew to be i cling to friends that i love and the guy that i love (these two things i use to have in the past)...until now there's a lil girl inside of me that would dream and is still dreaming....her dream when are put into words i sounds like this.....

I want a hand to hold me..

I want a hand that will guide me...

I want a hand that will wake me up every morning..

I want a hand that i can hold and kiss every time each jamaah prayer ends..

I want a hand to hold and embrace me whenever I'm sad..

I want a hand that will wipe away all my tears even when i cry over stupid stuff..

I want a hand that will comb my hair and lull me to sleep every single night..

I want a hand that will tease and pinch my cheek whenever i'm naughty..

I want a hand that i can always cling to anytime so i won't get lost..

I want a hand that I can always hold until the day i die...

And i will give my hand so that so i can do the same for him...and let him cling to me when the whole world wears him off......

That was my is still my dream...I still love him and how i wish this hand in my dream would be his...But for now let me cling to the Almighty.....

Semalaman x tido...maybe now i should try and get some sleep.....~


  1. PUMPKIN..
    i really love this post of urs.
    it has always been every girls dream don't u think?

    but u always have to remember that somewhere down the road the hand that's going to hold urs is also the hand that u have to let go..

    p/s: i hope u understand wat i'm trying to say.heheh..coz somehow it sounds so wrong. but its actually not! heheh

  2. hey there bontemps~
    u hve always been one of my dearest and loyal reader..
    i gotta has not being kind to me lately..but i have always believe there's a sliver lining for anything that happens in life..
    i understand what u are trying to say..
    and it has always amazes me how we find comfort in a person that we never set eyes on..
    glad to have around bontemps~

  3. hhaa..hey..
    good that u get what I'm trying to say. dnt want u thinking all t wrong things.. has not been that kind to me either lately..but I cant' imagine my life being any other way around too~~

  4. makaceh makacehhhh..
    karat gak kn i ni..