Sunday, May 16, 2010

Geram & Senang~

A lil Trivia:

The Thomas Cup competition was the idea of Sir George Alan Thomas a highly successful English badminton player of the early 1900's, who was inspired by tennis's Davis Cup, and football's (soccer's) World Cup first held in 1930. His idea was well received at the general meeting of the International Badminton Federation (now Badminton World Federation) in 1939. The championships have been conducted every two years since the 1982 tournament, amended from being conducted every three years since the first tournament held in 1948-1949.

2010 Thomas Cup and Uber Cup (Personal Experiece la)..

1) x tgk sgt sbb kinda bz..lab punya pasal...

2) totaly missed uber..

3) Stress sbb dpt tau Korea menang from a friend (rase nk tarik rambut and say "how did i miss that?")

4) Credits to Korea for finally breaking the China domination of the game (baru kau tau China, pndg rendah kt org sgt..go go Korea)..weyh, sape2 ade playback for the finals Uber cup? tolong la...aku nk tgk..isk~

5) I followed the semis for Thomas..Malaysia, korg mmg x bleh blah...but then again my fault for believing in to much..still love u guys anyway:
  • Chong wei - Mirul kate u outclassed urself by playing like a real 'DATUK' - But i think, die stress
  • Lin Dan - linda panggil ko lipas .... x perlu la moon walking half naked in front of the crowd, we get it ok..u're the best
  • Koo Kean Keat and Tan Boon Heong- I was expecting more from u fellas..u guys soo workup at the 1st set..adrenaline soar high, 2nd set, adrenaline i flush down the drain
  • Chong Han - in love
Followed the finals too:
  • Taufik Hidayat - x sempat tgk ko men mane2 game
  • Kido and Setiawan- Great Game man
  • Santoso- looking forward for more of u and yes am in love w u
  • Feng and partner- U guys are great too
  • Chen Jin - ko hebat but ur face cm tue la dik...akak pun nmpk lg mude tau

6) Finals, well what can i say..Great game...(Indon mmg kasi panas bontot penonton la, and not to mention the China palyers & coaches benches)

7) Simon Santoso...gotta hand it to u in love with u so in love~

8) Congratulations China!

10) Conclusion made, it's the year of the underdog and the unsung heroes...(i have my own definiton for heroes)

p/s: i grew up with badminton and find that am missing the old format, but the new format makes it easy for the commoner to understand, even for my two lovely ladies yg teman i tgk sampai tersengguk-sengguk...thank u guys!!~(^_^)


  1. Chen Jin tu aku ingatkan sebaya Choon Han, rupanya muda lagi dr kita. Wakakak.

  2. knowlee~
    tu la psal..when they mentioned that 12 yrs he's jr..aku ngenge x hengat donia..hahaah~