Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Price tag~

How to end a great day disastrously and with utmost embarassment...

Follow the simple steps below..

1. Accompany ur friend to a mall or a near by mart

2. Take any price tag from any purchasing item, and goof around with it with ur friends.. (letak price tag tu kt tudung die ker, kt baju die ke...)

3. Make sure put the price tag are placed where it is visible to public

4. Pegi mkn cendol

5. Find another price tag

6. Put it on ur cheek to show ur friend how cool u can be by putting it there

7. Accidentally forgotten that tag on the cheek

8. A guy looked at with narrowed eyes

9. Perasan that he's looking at u, u looked back at him with the face 'ko pehal tengok2 aku?'

10. Naik kete, baru sedar price tag kt pipi x cabut lg

11. The guy that u accidentally accuse of checking u out, park kete sebelah kete kitorg

12. They left the parking lot dgn gelak cam haram

and that is my 12 steps on how to end ur day disastrously...isk~


  1. kelon eric bana~
    ko mmg kn...huhu..mmg priceless..malu..sgguh malu..=(

    ape yg cool...memalukan..isk..=(

  2. kahkahkah! aku adalah saksi mata kpd peristiwa tersebut, apakah ini adalah salah satu cara mngorat yg paling popular masa kini...anda kasi jwpn...hehe

  3. naddy nod nod~
    ko kalo bab aku aib mmg suke kn..
    kalo laki tu ensem xper gak..hehe..
    but then again, mane ade laki nk pompuan harga 18 hengget...hehehe~

  4. Jadi betul2 ke? Seriously???? Kalo aku, aku dah terguling kat lantai. hahahaha~

  5. knowlee~
    terjadi btol..aku terasa diri sgt nguk ngek..malu knowlee..Tuhan balas tuduh orh nk ngurat kite kn..isk.huhuh~