Monday, May 31, 2010

Save Whatever is left~

Am not much of a news follower...but I have so many friends who is very kind on updating on all the important things that I should know (also what a Muslim should know)..

So many things happen..All the cruelty towards Muslim...Draw Muhammad day has ignite the fury and angst in me..and now this..Its non military ship (carry aids) for God sake...Don't they have family at home, a mother, a father, a wife, a daughter or a son....what do they feel if the role is recipocrated....

In my Daily prayers (doa), I would express my gratitude for the live HE has given me, the knowledge, safety for my parents, siblings, my family, for those who have given all the knowledge in life and would pray for the safety of all my brother and sisters through out the world...

And now I am beginning to Question whether prayers are enough for the safety and protection for my fellow brother and sisters in Palestine...(I know they say that doa is the ultimate weapon for all Muslims..I don't doubt that)..But I wish I could do more...I hate the feeling of being helpless and not bale to do anything...I'll try my best..Looking for all means to help all I can..And I wish someone can help through out the way......What do you prayers goes to those on board Mavi Marmara...~


  1. da start boikot da..
    almost all on the list da boikot..
    what is more surprising..mmg x suke pun sume product tu..alhamdulillah...hhehehe~

  2. At least u ade efforts..
    Compare with others kat luar 2..
    They know n aware bout it..
    but most of them do nothing..
    I pun lupa gak kadang2 tu..
    Still use the products..huhu..

  3. hey hayad,
    thank u for dropping by..hehe
    Gandhi once said "whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but its important that u do it"..
    just as long as u praise my effort..u are worthy of my praise to..little effort makes a bif diff kn..hehe..lupa tu kite usaha lebih sket ok!~