Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Surat for Myself~

I go through my slides..

I went through a nervous break down stage..

I went through terror..

I told myself, it'a all can do this...

I plan to celebrate when all of this is over...

Then I received a phone call...

'Salam, Fairuz ker...presentation cancel ek..tunda 18 Jun yer!' gonna be one lonnng monthhhhhh!!!!~


  1. lol how r u?
    things been pretty colourful i see.

    how was the presentation?

    one tip for public speaking.
    learn to enjoy the public and speakin aint gonna be so weird after all.

  2. damn man..WHERE HAVE U BEEN?..lame tunggu ko update blog..update gak akhirnya..dammit la...suppose the date was set on the 31st May..i prepared myself by doing all the reading and materials...then i received a call postponed..18 june lak tu...sabar jer la...and thank for the tip..update la blog slalu ek..