Friday, May 14, 2010

X-Files yg berape nak X~

*ini Juliet, not the Romeo's Juliet, just simply Juliet*

One fine morning,

Like every other morning, i wake up with a huge beary yawn expecting that today is going to be pretty bored like any other day i've been through..

I keep saying to myself..Please please make this day a little extraordinary that any other day...

So i hit the shower, and i bump into Juliet...

ahah? i see frowns on that pretty lil forehead..

*could this be the day..the day yg idup ku x kn bored*

then she realized that i was there, she grabbed me and said,

'kak fairuz, i pelik la, a few days back, when i rendam baju i, pg esok i cek, air mesti xder, tggl baju i jer'

and i ask her 'da bnyk kali ker, pelik' i am the one frowning..

the nex t day it happen again..Juliet da risau...

*tym ni la background lagu X file dimainkn*

'ade org dengki kt u ke Juliet'...

*masuk da bab tuduh menuduh n cari saspek and lagu x file maseh lg berkumandng*

so da beberapa ari Juliet hasn't wash her clothes so the issues of air hilang dari baldi was put to rest for a lil while...

pastu satu hari Juliet nk mop bilik, she realize something...huhuh...

then she came running to me...'kak fairuz, i know already where the water went...'

the most anticipated moment...'sape yg buat?' i asked her..

*soalan x leh blah kn..mane la tau jmper saspek kn...hohohoh*


'baldi i bocor'..


and that is when i realize, hidup ku ini akan sentiasa normal...hahaha..

*thanks juju for the inspiration*

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