Saturday, June 19, 2010

Man of my life~

Che Othman Che Mat,

By the first look, you might think that he's fierce and aloof.

But at home, he would be this man who makes jokes, made his wife and his children laugh with his joke, but has the ability to keep a straight face while the whole house bells with laughter.

One side of this man that the outside world will never know.

A man where I will never mind if he comes home late everyday, knowing the fact that he works hard to provide for the family.

A man who always kept his sorrows to himself.

A man who always smile and hide his sorrows, and come home hide his fatigue behind that wrinkles on the side of his wise eyes.

A man who once says when I screw up my life 'papa tau adik pandai, adik malas jer, papa percaya adik boleh buat'.

A man who always believed in his lil daughter is something special even if the whole word thinks that she is nothing.

A man that once found out from my mother, when his colleague or employees stops by the house and said "dlm dunia xder boss yg lebih baik dr dia (my daddy of course)"

Papa is a man who hides his emotion, locked it in the deepest darkes chamber of his heart.

I have this dream, when I look for a husband, I want my husband to be the man who my father can spill his heart to, a friend where he can depend on..('',)

And I bet that he will be one world coolest grandpierre to my lovely children..

Papa, adik loves you, will always do....And if you take one good look at me papa, I am daddy's lil girl and will always be..(^_^)~

Happy Fathers Day Papa.

*p/s: malam ni brazil and italy lawan..nk tgk kt mane wey..aduhhhhhh!~


  1. aku syak muka abah kau macm nik mohd ikram

  2. sweet..i am all teary eyed (sambil membelah onion)

  3. pojan~
    apekah?...nik ikram?..hahaha..ayahku lg ensem la...hehehe~

    mr bond,
    mane ade org potong onion dpn lappy ngong!~

  4. bontemps~
    Happy Fathers Day..heheh~

  5. make one for mothers day now!!!