Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Memories worth remembering~

Truth, Love and Kindness will always find ways in cutting through cruelty...

You wanna know why I said that...A long story to tell but bear with it my dear reader..heheh..

When I was a little girl, I have once felt that life was pretty cruel towards my family.Back then we were in the States. The government offer a scholarship for my dad to further his studies there as a symbol of reward for my dad's exceptional job by being one of the best government servant. At first, my mother refuse to go, but after weighing all the pros and cons..the next thing we know, we are on a plane heading to this one foreign land..a place where the Yankees are born and Abe Lincoln and Kennedy was killed...ahaha..

We arrived in place called St. Louis Missouri, later iIknow bore the history of where Kimora Lee Simmons was born and Nelly the rapper went to my school that I attended..funny right..

I remember my first cry at Roe elementary school coz a boy named Steve called me jerk, when he came up to me and ask what my name was..i didn't answer, I was shy (kata pompuan Mleayu terakhir) and I was not very competent in communication using English where I actually understand what he's saying but never knew how to reply. Later I was sent to ELS (English Language Society), a place where all foreign students were sent to get some extra English lesson.But after three months, Ms Troya, my English teacher said to me "I regret teaching you English young lady coz once you start talking, you can't stop"..hahahaha..In that class remember a pair of twin from Russia named Vasha nad Marsha, and a Bosnian girl who can't stop crying coz i think she just went through a traumatic phase in life...(both merangkap my classmate gak rupanya and mereke juga fresh mcm i..baru smpai States time tu)..

We lived small cozy house that was partly furnished, later we decorated our small lil mansion with things that we bought form yard sales and flea market that we go through every weekend.
I remember the time me and my sister have hide in the closet whenever the landlord stop by coz there's this one of the rules around the housing area allows only 4 person to inhabit a single house.

My lunch everyday as I went to school are bread with milo. Which by noon, the milo melted and looks kinda discusting, and invites stares from around the table. When a friend ask whether she can taste a wee bit of it..I let her have it..she was taken away with the taste of my bread, she begged me to switch lunch with her the next day, which didn't happen coz iIcan't eat their food.We only had the luxury of eating rice around a few days a week.

Our next door neighbour is a single mother with two kids Sean and Kelly, we were soon enough best friends after we arrived a few days from Malaysia, and made every Saturday our movie and popcorn night since thereon.But fondest figure that I remember by heart is Tracy,who is an aunt to Sean and Kelly. She is like an angel sent form heaven, I have always like since the very beginning. I remember when she would invite us for picnic where she prepared two sets of lunch for my sister and brothers knowing the fact that we are Muslim and we can't simply eat what is serve. One Christmas Eve, some one rang the doorbell of our house, we opened the door but find it weird as no one was there, then we realize that at door step, someone left us with tons and tons of toys. The giver might want to stay anonymous but deep down we know that all the beautiful gifts are from Tracy. Even she knows the fact that we don't celebrate Christmas, but we were touched by the gifts and how specific the gifts were . For instance, me and my sister got barbie and an extra sets or barbie clothing and brother got toy robots and some educational toys. But as I grew up,I relaize that things that you value are not the gifts, but I value the humility that she practice where when you do good deed, u don't have to expose yourself and tell the whole world the all the good's you've done. I will always remember that lesson in life, i promise that i will inculcate this value within my childrens ,myself and my family. Life was cruel but the people around us were truthful kind and loving. I also learned about respect on how to give it out and grant it to those who earned it.

Wish to go back there someday. To look for these people that teaches me in life, no matter how tough life is, there will always be this kind of people in your life.

One of the memories worth remembering. I have learned something in life and I hope you do too.


  1. Mlynd~
    Thank u hun..
    i heart u...hehehehe..=)~

  2. doing good deeds secretly compels admiration indeed. :P