Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Comeback~

Being called jerk on your first day of school in a foreign land is nothing compared to my little brother's agony...Unlike his sisters, it was his first time ever going to school..kindergarten to be precise..(In States, the educational system differs from ours, where primary starts from kindergarten to the 5th grade, middle school and finally high school)..Which mean my brother, my sister and I went to the same school..

It was his first day of school..and being the mother's darling it was also his first time for him to part form my mother for a while (bape jam jer pn..bdk ni mmg ngade..anak mak)..So, the only thing my brother did on the first week at school was shouting out his teary agony and protect until the whole school halls bells with his cries (such a cry baby..)x macho sungguh)..I also remembered when the principal summon me to go to his class to calm him down.,which was pretty embarrassing to me...He even cried during lunch and pulled me to sit with him at his class lunch table, where later I was scolded by his homeroom teacher and was chased away to sit at my own class table (which was equally embarassing also)..As time passes by, he began adapting to the whole school and life as a kindergarten student..hehehe..and he no longer needed me to be by his side anymore..(lupa daratan tol.=P)..

One day, during recess after I had my lunch, I have a bad feeling bout something, but I didn't know what it was. I let my insticts leads my body and feet to a specific direction until I spot something..there he was my little brother..a lil bully pulled my brother's jacket from the back causing my brother to choke and the sound of him cried made my heart lurch..Without me noticing it, I thunder my way through the crowd and to my brother pulled the bully and give him a good blow in the face...he ran away..and I took my lil brother in my arm and tell him everythings gonna be alright...(by the way,at the same time I sshocked by my own capability in being a total barbarian and such violence..hahaha..must be the sisterly instinct..hehehe~)

That won't be the only time I'll protect him from harm...I will look after him till the end of time (and all my siblings too of course...yg lain2 tu nnti saye cerita ek!!)..He' will always be my little baby brother..hehe...~

He's coming back soon...Can't wait....It's good to have him back after for so long..even for a lif it is for il while..heheh..=)

Selamat Pulang Bro..hehehe..~


  1. bawak ole2 dari rusia tak?

    aku tengah bayangkan fairuz ada janggut...hahaha

  2. pojan~


    tu la...da pesan kt die da ole..

    kalo x..jgn harap nk dpt ole2 dr aku lak..ehehehe..

    hahaha...x yah bayang..tgk gamba tu sudah~