Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A poem I made myself~

If I am down with sorrow,

It’s your happiness that I want to borrow,

If you are down with sorrow,

My happiness I will allow you to borrow.

Thank you guys for simply being there when I need you guys the most. And yes, my happiness I will allow u to borrow anytime you guys need it.

p/s: ye..saye xder dlm gamba


  1. alwiz....alwiz....here for you la piyuz~~~
    Mwahks...mish ya!

  2. youjie~
    dtg la blik...hehehehe.

    mish u more~

  3. sbb juju ade..hahahaha..

    gatal sungguh kamu~

  4. haha it's great ta see u smile again.
    i made a poem too, that's isomorphically congruent to urs.. :P

    sorrow sat beside me
    ur laughter made it flee
    should u ever be needy
    this glee is yours to be

  5. unknown~

    baru open blog...i was about to dedicate a post for u..

    and thank u..smiling again is far the greatets gift Allah has granted me..

    and ur poem...bring tears to my eye..

    u're a great guy..May Allah blessed u with all the finest things in life..(^^)