Sunday, July 18, 2010

Public Speaking~

Dear unknown,

Remember when you gave me out this advice,

'one tip for public speaking. learn to enjoy the public and speakin aint gonna be so weird after all.'

I had proposal my presentation dated on 16 th of July,

I DID IT...hehehe...I made through even if my knee was shaking and collide with one another while I was standing behind the rostrum~

Just as I thought that the whole thing was over, the department programme coordinator came up to me..

'Congratulations, I love your confidence and your public speaking skills are exceptional'


Then she added

'Now I want you to represent the school and USM for a competition in an upcoming conference in Oct''s not that I don't like it..I appreciate the attention and compliments..

But I am more terrified...2 months to go...go go Peroz!!~

Unknown..I need a major and useful advice on this one bro..isk..(T_T)


  1. ok since you've asked for my goes......

  2. en mirul~ shoot..what are ur advices...

    i can use some for now..heheheh~

  3. Uhuk uhuk...congratz!

    Aku mmg out la kalo public speaking.

  4. knowlee~

    thanks uuuuu...

    tp still takut la...mane pernah lg present outside uia and usm...~

  5. whoa.. u're gonna give a speech
    in a conference?
    u gonna be one of em keynote speakers?
    what kinda conference?

    anyway, looks like u're doing great!
    just keep on doing watcha doin. :P
    banyakkan doa robbisyahri..
    all the best pumpkin, go go peroz! lol

  6. unknown,

    hey u, am not sure on details of the conference,
    they haven't call me up in briefing on the details...

    but still...nervous kut...huhu~

    and that was the exact doa' i repeatedly recite before the presentation..alhamdulillah..God has ease the path...

    hey, thank u..realy..u're one of the reason i made it thru...

    doakn saye en. unknown~