Saturday, July 24, 2010

When two hearts finally chained in a sacred bond~

Dear Jaslina Jasni and Muhammad Fardy,

To my dearest friend, who has always been is what I have to say,

Pak Dee,

May you never steal lie or cheat,

But if you have to steal, Steal her heart away,

If you have to lie, than lie with her in the nights of her life,

And if you have to cheat, then try to cheat death as I know that she can never live without you.

Jas and Pak Dee,

Be Happy and have a blissful Marriage,

Some sulking and Good Fights wouldn't hurt a marriage,

As I heard from someone, the best part in a marriage and relationship is making up..hehehe~

Glad to be a part/a lil trivial in both of your life...(^^,)

Siti Fairuz Che Othman

p/s: yes, that's me in yellow yellow sun~


  1. nice...aku suka baca hang punya analogi cheat and lie, and steal...

  2. pojan,

    makaseh...not originally from me...

    a quote i forked out from a movie called leap year..

    watch it with dayah ek..

    and that movie is also one of the reason why i would like to land myself on the land of leprechaun and full traditional folklore...

    mane tau i can find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...hehehehe~

  3. jom jom jom jom jom, aku tengok movie PS I Love U, lelaki tu Irish man gak...

  4. pojan,

    that Irish man is my man..

    tu la gerard butler..hehehe~

    encem kn!~