Monday, August 23, 2010

In measuring one's life achievements is not by looking how far he/she has made it or how much he/she has achieved, but by looking at how much values of life he has learned, inculcate and passed on (Me, 2010)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tribute to Juliet~

*from the left: wiwin, me,iati, azrin & Juliet*

*from the left: me, naddy, wiwin, azrin & juju*

*ini la Juliet*

A lil story I would like to share with my dear readers.. her like a lil sister..

During my break at home this lil girl texted me,

''kak fairuz, am very determine that I am gonna start fasting this weekend''

deep down I was touched and surprise..I replied,

'realy darling, but bear in mind k, it's not gonna be easy but I know you can do this'

dalam hati berbunga, but it didn't happen last weekend due too certain problems..

but she started her fasting yesterday..just like a Muslim would do..wake up for sahur, stop drinking when the she heard the azan..berbuka biler azan..juga puasa segala kata x sehat..hehe~~

and proud declaring that she is fasting at her office (and she told me that a few laughed at her thought tha she was silly..her colleagues, many of em are Chinese like her~)..

and being a proud friend and a big sister, she manage to finish fasting the whole day like a normal Muslim would...

AND today she continued her fasting routine waking up for sahur...

one thing about Juliet that I find it impressive is that, when she does something she would look out for facts on the benefits on the stuff that she do and share it with us..such a smart girl..

and she browse and scout for many facts about the benefits of ramadhan and fasting ..which kinda in a way making more knowledgeble bout ramadhan and fasting itself..*hikmah hikmah*~

and today she sent me a text message that made me smile..

'Dear, syukur, just a day fasting and God already rewarded me 4 being patient..soo happy..'

this message was sent after she received a call that she has nailed a job at The Star (northern region section)...

she sounds like a true Muslim right, but that's not the point..

I am grateful that God has sent this bright lil girl to me, she teaches me a lot of stuff, reminds me waht a Muslim should do..even if she herself not a Muslim and another interesting thing bout her is that she knows all history Islam, nabi and Rasul...Insaf nyer saye...

Juliet, am happy to have you in my life..your presence a brings a lil light in my life even if you might not know it...dan sahabat2 yg laen..nnti ade tribute utk kamu juga..sayang kamu semua~

Monday, August 16, 2010


*Blackberry for Him and Ipod Shuffle for darling hearthrob Lynn bucukk (semoga kurang stress nk SPM this year ok laling*

Last week I treated my lil bro a blackberry phone..

and the conversation took place after he got his hand on the new blackberry..~

adik (me) : amacam, seronok x dpt blackberry...huhu

beruang sengal : seronok, thanks adik (walaupun sbenarnya saya seorang kakak..=P)

adik (me) : haih, thanks jer...(dalam nada gurau~)

beruang sengal : ok ok, nnti abang balik abis study and officialy a doctor you can come to me
anytime if u need MC...

adik : ngeng...blaja rajin2 sudah...tu hah, rajin2 call papa and mama ek..

beruang sengal : hey, abg rajin jer call...miss call..(pftt..dasar loyar buruk..=p)..

*tahun depan dia balik mama kater, nak sruh kakak kawen tym tu...hehehe..happy..but erk..alamak..abisla, kalo kakak lepas ni nnti semua mata tertumpu kt adik..isk..da kene ready jawapan cepu mas utk thn depan...~*

*will be having my fav snack for buka puasa = yan yan..^^*

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Going Places~

Penang - KL - K.Terengganu - Kelantan - Penang

Yerp 5 places within a week..

As tired as I got but it was meaningful enough spending that whole week with a beruang sengal and orang lidi..kakak, lynn, gurl and of course my parents ..


On the day that I reached KL (lucky it wasn't Ramadhan), I had a lousy trip form Penang, as we are about the reached KL the bus broke down in a middle of nowhere and the driver had to pranced around the highway looking for buses that could fit/squeeze us within that half an hour we had to changed bus and I arrived a lil late.

When I reached Bukit Jalil which was around 12.30 pm, my dad's driver was already there to pick me up along side with my mother and my two brothers. I thought my ma was planning to take me back to the hotel to rest but instead the whole crew decided to hit Sogo.

Since Sogo had a big wild member sale so my ma got carried away and bullied me to follow her shopping at that mall until 6.30 in the evening. Lucky I have my two bros with me to keep me company.

Just when we reached the hotel, the only thing I want to do is hit the shower and straight to bed. Pretty exhausted. I did just that, so I picked up the toothbrush, and straight away brush my teeth. The toothpaste tasted weird but I was just to tired to pay attention to any details, but the longer I brush my teeth, I notice that the taste of that toothpaste is to fragrant and absence any taste of I decided to checked...Oh darn, that's not a toothpaste, It was shaving cream..bluerghhhh....Curse the hotel for creating a similar's to identical to tell it apart, especially when you are tired.isk..Just when my day could have gotten anyworse...

In a nutshell, check the tube before brushing you 're teeth..the aftermath taste of the cream lingers in my mouth till the next day..bluerghhh...

p/s: esok nya mama buli lagi gi Sogo, but I gotten myself a new wallet and gladiator ~

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What does this two have in common~

*same tapi x serupa*

Last couple of weeks..

I was in car rides with all the lovely ladies..

Then on the way on entering the USM entrance gate, my eyes caught a group of international students making their way towards the same direction...

*light bulb*...

I was trying to entertain my group of lovely ladies with my killer sense of humour..

Then I blurt..

'Juliet* akon...'

*referring to a guy in the group that actually look like akon but actually he's not..*

The car was quite...*bunyi cengkerik agak kuat walaupun xder cengkerik sebenarnya*

Then I notice Juliet reached for the air cond...

I was then moved to ask Juliet..

'Nape kuatkn air cond Juju (name manje I for Juliet)'

Juju answered..

'Lorr, td you kate air cond...I pun kuat kn la...Ingatkan You panas'

Speechless...*minah nk kn suke la buat aku speechless*

Finally I explained my real intention when I mention the word Akon (yer Juliet, bkn air cond) ..sume gelak...*lorr baru nk gelak ker..isk (T_T)*

So much trying to polish aku nyer sense of humour.. fail miserably..huk huk....

In a nutshell, akon same ngan air cond...have a good day and thank you..~

p/s: Saye suke kenekan Juliet* sbb die sgt la best utk di kenakan...huhu~

*Mengidam kinder bueno*