Sunday, August 15, 2010

Going Places~

Penang - KL - K.Terengganu - Kelantan - Penang

Yerp 5 places within a week..

As tired as I got but it was meaningful enough spending that whole week with a beruang sengal and orang lidi..kakak, lynn, gurl and of course my parents ..


On the day that I reached KL (lucky it wasn't Ramadhan), I had a lousy trip form Penang, as we are about the reached KL the bus broke down in a middle of nowhere and the driver had to pranced around the highway looking for buses that could fit/squeeze us within that half an hour we had to changed bus and I arrived a lil late.

When I reached Bukit Jalil which was around 12.30 pm, my dad's driver was already there to pick me up along side with my mother and my two brothers. I thought my ma was planning to take me back to the hotel to rest but instead the whole crew decided to hit Sogo.

Since Sogo had a big wild member sale so my ma got carried away and bullied me to follow her shopping at that mall until 6.30 in the evening. Lucky I have my two bros with me to keep me company.

Just when we reached the hotel, the only thing I want to do is hit the shower and straight to bed. Pretty exhausted. I did just that, so I picked up the toothbrush, and straight away brush my teeth. The toothpaste tasted weird but I was just to tired to pay attention to any details, but the longer I brush my teeth, I notice that the taste of that toothpaste is to fragrant and absence any taste of I decided to checked...Oh darn, that's not a toothpaste, It was shaving cream..bluerghhhh....Curse the hotel for creating a similar's to identical to tell it apart, especially when you are tired.isk..Just when my day could have gotten anyworse...

In a nutshell, check the tube before brushing you 're teeth..the aftermath taste of the cream lingers in my mouth till the next day..bluerghhh...

p/s: esok nya mama buli lagi gi Sogo, but I gotten myself a new wallet and gladiator ~

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