Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tribute to Juliet~

*from the left: wiwin, me,iati, azrin & Juliet*

*from the left: me, naddy, wiwin, azrin & juju*

*ini la Juliet*

A lil story I would like to share with my dear readers..

Juliet..love her like a lil sister..

During my break at home this lil girl texted me,

''kak fairuz, am very determine that I am gonna start fasting this weekend''

deep down I was touched and surprise..I replied,

'realy darling, but bear in mind k, it's not gonna be easy but I know you can do this'

dalam hati berbunga, but it didn't happen last weekend due too certain problems..

but she started her fasting yesterday..just like a Muslim would do..wake up for sahur, stop drinking when the she heard the azan..berbuka biler azan..juga puasa segala kata x sehat..hehe~~

and proud declaring that she is fasting at her office (and she told me that a few laughed at her thought tha she was silly..her colleagues, many of em are Chinese like her~)..

and being a proud friend and a big sister, she manage to finish fasting the whole day like a normal Muslim would...

AND today she continued her fasting routine waking up for sahur...

one thing about Juliet that I find it impressive is that, when she does something she would look out for facts on the benefits on the stuff that she do and share it with us..such a smart girl..

and she browse and scout for many facts about the benefits of ramadhan and fasting ..which kinda in a way making more knowledgeble bout ramadhan and fasting itself..*hikmah hikmah*~

and today she sent me a text message that made me smile..

'Dear, syukur, just a day fasting and God already rewarded me 4 being patient..soo happy..'

this message was sent after she received a call that she has nailed a job at The Star (northern region section)...

she sounds like a true Muslim right, but that's not the point..

I am grateful that God has sent this bright lil girl to me, she teaches me a lot of stuff, reminds me waht a Muslim should do..even if she herself not a Muslim and another interesting thing bout her is that she knows all history Islam, nabi and Rasul...Insaf nyer saye...

Juliet, am happy to have you in my life..your presence a brings a lil light in my life even if you might not know it...dan sahabat2 yg laen..nnti ade tribute utk kamu juga..sayang kamu semua~


  1. tribute utk saya? hahaha. Dia yang non-muslim pun boleh appreciate puasa. Patutnya kite appreciate lebih kan? thanks for sharing!

  2. dammit~
    tributet tuk ko ade la tu nnti..hehehe

    tula, she's one special girl..

    lagi bnyk tau dr kite and sometimes rase malu plak~

  3. ini ke juliet the poet tu? :) comel...fairuz..bila nak share2 doa ni..........huhu

  4. nurul~
    ah ah..ni la dia..~

    sowi2..mmgu lepas balik kmpg...

    dlm mase terdekat ek cik nurul...hehehe~

  5. cantikla pics babad...! pakai camera apa 2..?

  6. mylnd darling~

    it's lumix with a lil photoshop..

    this is what happen when u have amazing friends who are good in arts..