Sunday, August 1, 2010

What does this two have in common~

*same tapi x serupa*

Last couple of weeks..

I was in car rides with all the lovely ladies..

Then on the way on entering the USM entrance gate, my eyes caught a group of international students making their way towards the same direction...

*light bulb*...

I was trying to entertain my group of lovely ladies with my killer sense of humour..

Then I blurt..

'Juliet* akon...'

*referring to a guy in the group that actually look like akon but actually he's not..*

The car was quite...*bunyi cengkerik agak kuat walaupun xder cengkerik sebenarnya*

Then I notice Juliet reached for the air cond...

I was then moved to ask Juliet..

'Nape kuatkn air cond Juju (name manje I for Juliet)'

Juju answered..

'Lorr, td you kate air cond...I pun kuat kn la...Ingatkan You panas'

Speechless...*minah nk kn suke la buat aku speechless*

Finally I explained my real intention when I mention the word Akon (yer Juliet, bkn air cond) ..sume gelak...*lorr baru nk gelak ker..isk (T_T)*

So much trying to polish aku nyer sense of humour.. fail miserably..huk huk....

In a nutshell, akon same ngan air cond...have a good day and thank you..~

p/s: Saye suke kenekan Juliet* sbb die sgt la best utk di kenakan...huhu~

*Mengidam kinder bueno*


  1. Hahhaah juju memang!!!

    Wei.....jum berbueno~

  2. aween bucuk~

    kn kn kn..juju suke wat i speechless...isk~

    jom berbueno!~