Friday, September 3, 2010

What If~

Ramadhan has been lovely so far...

I can't explain..but lately..I prefer to be alone..just needed some me time..

'What if'...I hate these two words..

I have once heard that elders once told me that the word 'What if' is not good..evil comes with it when you say it..not in an obvious way but in a very dark microscopic kinda way..

I never understood it back then but now I do..I did is more like it..

There has been so many things that has shaken me up to say the word 'What if'...

I've been asking so many 'What if' questions until I realize I got carried away...

Asking to many 'What if's' makes me realize that I forgot on how to be grateful...

Ya Allah,please forgive for my ignorance and carelessness, and for letting myself getting carried away...I have always been grateful with everything that has happen...

Whether it's good or bad, they are all good for.. I have always known that and I have always believe...

Forgive me Again....

*I realize I dun crave anything during Ramadhan and am shedding 5 kilos outta my's freaky realy*


  1. aint what if a good way to promote creativity?
    i mean it's supposed to lead our mind to an alternate construction of originality.

    juz kidding, i know this got nothin' to do solving problems, but rather, bout dwelling on what could have been. last time, what if made me live in rewind for 5 long years.

    wish i had snapped out of it as fast as u did! :P

  2. unknown~

    well there are other fruitful question that leads to a fruitful answers and ideas...hehe..lemme make u a check list on good questions to ask urself that will generate all that neurons in ur head to work together...kalo susah sgt gi minum susu baby yg ade helps the neurons too..hehehe..


    yerp, totaly dwelling on things that could have been....lemme tell u a secret..I have this habit of getting carried away to easily..that's why I am glad that I have friends that has always helped to snap out of x lmbt gak ni..hehehe..God bless em all..May God bless you too~