Wednesday, October 6, 2010


*mase world cup ari tu...Spain beat Germany...isk..but we're still best naddy kn..heheh*

It was back in 2006, I met this wacky girl, during practical..the first moment we sit and talked i new that instance that this is going to be more than just being a practial the 3 months practical ended we parted ways...but we didn't part completely part...still getting hold of each other thru friendster (ok, aku tua, friendster was the IN thing tau time tu..hahaha~)....but then again due to being busy and stuff we both kept quite for quite sometime...

Not until December 2009, washing dishes in the toilet after slurping some good old fashion maggi..i saw took me a while to realy digest the fact that she was there...she didn't notice me at first then i shouted her name just to get some confirmation...she looked at me and we were hysteric (jerit2 peluk kt toilet...yes reunion kitorg kt toilet bakti USM..ngok..huhu) siap keluar shower kemban2 ingt ade fire drill...but this is what they call jodoh i guess..u don't see it coming, but when it does the feeling is unbelievable overwhelming...hahaha...Good to have her back in my life..minah ni mmg best...hehehe..naddy, hoping for this friendship last for an eternity...


ngadu pada naddy pagi tadi (minah ni mmg tmpt i ngadu benda2 remeh...manja kn)..

  • naddy sakit tekak lagi ni...sore throat cam x sembuh2..= die kate, pi la minum ayaq teh ais..sure sembuh~
  • naddy apesal whenever i am in the room, rase nk membuang, tp bile pi toilet x mau plak = die kate, xleh nak wat pa da la..buang jer la dalam bilik...isk
one of the reasons i love her and there are many more..^^

*i bought a huge can of Julies love letter and i bet it's gonna keep me company for a while..yummy*


  1. hahaha!~ ooooohhhhhh, terharunya~~~~~
    ironinya aku pkai baju spain tu hri ni nk g lab.
    (hg ni , bab berak2 tu tak yah post la ngoi...buat malu je..:)
    tp ada solution lain yg lebih berhemah utk situasi2 tersebut.
    1)sakit tekak lagi ni...sore throat cam x sembuh2..= aku kate, pi la mkn ubat, nnti baik
    2)whenever u in the room, rase nk membuang, tp bile pi toilet x mau plak = aku kate, tu bkn sakit perut nk mmbuang, sakit perut l.a.p.a.r.hahaha!~

    agak2 aku akn jwb mcm tu ke?ish,so not me! huhuhuhu~

    yg sebenarnya;

    laughter is d best medicine...:p

  2. naddy nad nad~
    then u are my medicine cause u make me laugh hysterically sampai x hengat donia..hehehe..

    just glad to have u back k..stick around a lil longer this time k..hehehe~