Sunday, October 17, 2010

Raising children is tough, why?

If you have a daughter, all your life you have to worry the minute she is out of your sight.

If you have a son, the toughest thing to teach are responsibilities, commitment and how to respect women.


  1. huhuh...jangan la wat post mcm ni.
    aku tinggal anak kat pengasuh hari2 tau tak...sedey

    time dayah on call, aku stay up in lab, aku kasi azkiya overnite jugak umah pengasuh.


    perhaps, azkiya wounldnt remember, but we will..

  2. Kelon eric bana~

    a parents worries is normal...and i bet when azkiya grows up she knows why you do the things you do...

    trust me, i have this feeling azkiya is a very pretty, loving and intelligent lil girl who will love and understand her me as i trust ur beautiful lil azkiya ok..^^~