Sunday, October 10, 2010

Whack it~

*budak kecik itu bukan saya*

it was 1996, my first of school in Sabah..I hate it that day, I even hated the fact that the whole family was forced to move here in the first place..well, that was what we always do since the first day I was born..pindah randah..nomadic family we are...huhu..the week before, after we settled in Sabah in a very luxurious home i say (beacause the house was quite big and full furnished..huhu..)..but i was still wounded by the fact having to move and left all my dearest friends behind..ok melalut lg..where was I, oh yes, after a week we settled in my mom went through all the trouble looking for bus that would send us back and fro to school.And it was my first time having to venture through school all alone as my sister was in her first year of high school. The school was divided into 2 huge group, elementary lower(darjah 1 - darjah 4) and elemantary upper (dajah 5 - darjah 6) elementary lower leh balik awal la...recess awal, you get what i mean la..walaupun we're in the same school we realy don't get to see much of each other..huhu...

so the school finally ended, i have always hated first day, having to go through the agony of people staring at you like u are some kind of alien or something there i was waiting at the school canteen all by myself (hey, it was my first day, don't expect me to make like a bundle of friends..isk)..half an hour passed me by and the school canteen was nearly empty and deserted leaving me and some kids around...I panicked with the thought that the school bus had actually left me stranded there..what should i do..what if i get kidnapped, what if i bumped into an alien..kalo tetibe harimau lalu...(ok, exagerrating as usual la kn..kate budak2, imaginasi tinggi la sket.da la dulu2 mane ade handphone) i gave the bus another 5 minutes and still it didn't show up..I was determine..i gather all the information in my head trying to put the of maps together..the way back to my home (pikir balik gerun la sbb dari dulu mmg my sense of directions sucks..huhu)..but i did it anyway..i walked home which if i am not mistaken around 5 kilometer from my house..

when i reached home, i was soaking wet with sweat..when i enter the house my mama asked..

'adik da balik, bas ok x.?'

i answered..

'ok jer' (pdhal tipu jln kaki balik rumah...)

i went straight upstair to avoid any further interrogation, takut kantoi...mandi and change my clothes..tetibe..mama jerit..


ape plak i went downstair..then i saw the bus right in front of my house..muke driver pucat ingtkn i hilang...ALAMAL KANTOI...muke i pn pucat sekali la...aduhhh..mmg nasib x baek btol..isk~

mama kt tgn da pegang batang penyapu...GULP..


dah katoi nk wat cmner lg...i nod...aunty bas already left and mama kejar satu rumah dgn penyapu..i got a few hard WHACK on my back side and legs..huhu..

that night mama apply ointment on my kaki..

'lainkali, bas lambat mcm mana pun tunggu..faham..bahaya adik buat mcm tu....'

mmg sampai sekarang mama duk ungkit the one particular stunt that i pull..

she always said this..

'dalam semua enam anak mama, adik la paling mama susah nk jaga sekali..'

hahahaha...mmg dulu i am very hard be taken care off...i was even the child that make her shed tears so many times...but now am going to make up to u ma..

And Sabah was the longest place that my family has settled in, almost 6 years and till now, i grew very fond of that place..hoping to go back there someday..i realy day when i have the time I-Allah...

so in a nutshell adik2...bas lambat cmner pn silala tunggu yer...kalo x dtg jugak gi bilik guru mengadu..huhu...sekian~

*sheikh muzaphar wedding was grand, but i can see it in his eyes, it's not what he wanted, i think he wanted something more simple and humble...nk wat cmner, the price you have to pay in being a wishes*

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