Sunday, November 28, 2010

Adibah Noor~

*A picture extracted from the video defining Halal..Oh by the way..kt sebelah die tu Pn. Ong, my fav character in the vid*

When you mentioned the name above you have to admit that you just have to love her..

Last Saturday when I watched the Shout Awards 2010 (Repeat Show)..I have to admit how I admired the confidence and aura that she exudes..A lil envy too on how she carries herself so proudly not having to care what other thinks of her..

Having not to get intimidated by her partner at the moment who is Ning Baizura, I found her 10 times beautiful compared to Ning..Clad in a black blouse, a pair of jeans and a lil hint of make up..she still looks amazing and rocking the crowd..I think in a way she over shadowed Ning even if she was so glamorous looking with her heavy make up and sexy dress..hehehe.

She was once told by a entertainment company, in order for her to succeed in the indsutry she has to loose some weight, but she refuse to give in into the shallow perceptions and emerge into one impressive and well respected entertainer who she is now..

She lately had been elected to become to spoke person for many products, awareness campaigns and many more (the latest I watched was the Defining Halal video that I manage to dig out of facebook..memang la memcahkan perut).

When you watched her on air, the only thing that you focused on was the thing that she has to say and she realy gets you to listen..Who says that you need a gorgeous ladies to get the message across..some times it the message didn't get across because pretty girls are actually a distraction..(jgn marah..but it's true)..people would forcus more on them rather on the message that the ad was suppose to convey..betol x?..hehehe~

Where ever can you find a genius like this one..And I love her when she hosted the Spell It Right Challenge Competition...She makes the lame spelling bee comp into a pretty fun playground..heheh~

And I am just proud that many Malaysians has pass through the stage that only prettiness can realy live in the real world..We're moving ahead and I am somehow proud..breaking the habit and freeing yourself from the usual norm ain't an easy task, but the unusual sometimes is pretty fun get to see things from a different perspective and understanding more what it's realy like to be in someone elses shoe right?~

Labels are for clothing but not for people, so stop stereotyping because every indvidual is unique in their own way!~

*Just had an amazing wedding cake, yummy~*

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A short post~


How I wish that the are LIKE buttons in here so I can utilize it to show someone how much their comments affected me..

your comments makes me smile..

Thank you, commenting, dropping by or even passing by..

I think you guys are wonderful!~

*I think mentos is one pretty cool invention in the candy industry*

Monday, November 22, 2010

The One~

''Kalau you tak boleh nampak bodoh depan orang yang you sayang, depan siapa lagi??'' - Gigi Besi (Fakir), Pisau Cukur.

If you know that you found THE would agree with the above statement..

Because in front of him you don't have to pretend or be whoever that you are not..

It's not that I am in love at the particular moment, Just a little advice to those who are in a relationship...

A healthy relationship will make you blossomed into someone beautiful, a better person..

Sebab tu orang2 tua selalu kate..

'Wanita adalah paling cantik bile mereka di lamun cinta..berseri'

To any of my darlings, forgive If I some what not able to fulfill your invitation but always know my prayers goes to you guys and you partner..It'd not easy finding him/her in the first place, so cherish every moment that you have with each, toleration and patience is the key word...Don't forget to invite me for your baby showers...Love you guys to bits~

*Congratulations to my cousin on your wedding..she's lovely!..have a blissful marriage..didn't get the chance to take a bite of your wedding cake...darn bells can be heard miles away...bnyk betol weddings approaching this year love everywhere*

Sunday, November 14, 2010


*Sri Norfitriani Mohamed Shukry*

Tidakkah mendedah dan menyebar kejahilan org sama seperti kita menyebar aib mereka..Jgn terlalu lantang bersuara apabila kita juga tahu masih banyak kerompongan diri yang perlu di tampal~

This was my facebook status a few days back..the sole reason I wrote the status is because I was pretty much disappointed to almost all human beings that existed in the facebook community..

And a friend responded the status by giving this comments...

'Sri Norfitriani Mohamed Shukry : it is in every culture. breaking the habit is not an easy task, but we must always try to lead by example.. how about starting with jgn busybody dan no mengumpat? :) miss talking to you!'

I have always love this girl from the bottom of my heart..because whenever I talked to her, when I see her, I can be myself, she never judge and pretty damn honest when she talks about something and everything..She seem to know what I am thinnking, she seems to get me..I think this is what you harvest from a lifetime of friendship with someone (dari zaman hingusan lg dengan budak nie)..Though she is miles away, I know she'll be there whenever I need her. =)

Back to the main issues, is not that I mind that people are disseminating information or dakwah around, but I resented the way they are spread..I mean, is it realy good? for people sharing some videos regarding on someones kejahilan (ignorance) and leaving some pretty damn eye soring comments like as if they live their whole world doing good and heaven are guaranteed for them in the afterlife..

Hate to break this to you, it's not you who have the right to judge people..those comment that you guys leave hoping that it'll make you look scholarly and pious would only further reflect you stupidity and your ignorance as well I tell you.

If you realy want to do goodness to the world, You've got to do it the right way, with the right word.

Allah is great and kind..You never know, cause sometime even the smallest deed will lead your way to heavens door..Remember the story of the compassionate prostitute who uses her shoes to gave a thirsty dog to drink...Her sincerity brought her to heavens door even without her having to knock on it...That is how kind Allah is.=)

Check on yourself before you say or jugde something..I never dare to judge anyone cause I know even I have so many holes that needs to patched up.

This is my personal space where I pour my personal resentment and personal thoughts. I would like to apologize if I hurt anybody because that is not my intention.Just hoping that you guys would see things from a different perspective, from my perspective.

Have a nice day you all!~

*Juliet once told me 'No wonder you're so sweet, because you like to eat sweet things'..auwwww..(mode presan kejap)*

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Babushka Frenzy Ad~

Babushka is a woman's headscarf folded into a triangle and tied under the chin; worn by Russian peasant case if you guys are wondering what it is...hehehe~

I just find the word cute and somehow hoping to capture your attention..hehe

Liking the shawls that you've seen in the picture above and hoping to have visit:

I've been with this girl since day one and loving all the shawls that she sell...In fact, I've been getting shawls for every edition that she came out with..I've even bought a few syria's for my mom from her..hehehe...wanting to share the pretty wonders with my dear readers..have fun browsing..hehehe~

*Do you know : Bubble gum was invented by Frank Henry Fleer in 1906, but was not successful; the formulation of Fleer's "Blibber-Blubber," was too sticky. In 1928, Walter E. Diemer invented a superior formulation for bubble gum, which he called " Double Bubble."*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


*Good laughs - Juliet Ooi and Azrin Adrina Graduation Album - Photograher: Nooriati Taib*

I heard her sigh..

Then I smiled and told her,'Hey, don't's not good for you'

She asked, 'Why?'..

I continued 'Someone once told me, if you sigh, the level of your IQ will drop by several points'

She said 'OOO, realy never heard of that one before'

I further add 'Tu la, I bet if you stopped sighing like ages ago, you would be Genius like Einstein, know you're stuck at CLEVER'

She laughed and said 'Tu la kan, I used to be a genius rupanya..'

Than we laughed together..hehehe

Miss sharing intelligent and sophisticated jokes with you..can't wait to see you this weekend Juju...Seems like when I make jokes only our clans would understand it...In other words, you guys get me~

And everytime I bumped into a genie or Aladdin lamp, my thoughts would straight wander away and think of you...cause you once told me...If a genie grant you a wish, you would wish for a hundred more wishes, and fyi, and I think that anwers is plain genius and I don't feel that you're stuck at CLEVER....Hehehe..~

Just wanna say, I am surrounded by geniuses - Nooriati Taib (Art, Design and Business Genius) Juliet and Azrin (writing genius) Naddy (Pharmaceutical Genius) Winda (Natural Resources and Business Genius), Sarah (Environmental and Make up genius)..hehehe~

Friday, November 5, 2010


*no that kid is definetly not me..hehe~*

It's been so long since I felt like a kid..

Which part of being a kid you asked?

A part where you don't have to worry what other people say about you and just do whatever you wanna matter how ridiculous that thing might be..You just go for it..nothing can bring you down or make you feel disheartened by any remarks from any external sound maker..

One of my must do list that is learning how to shoot some hoops or learn how to play football on real field..

So there I was waiting for some our midnight movie (Takkers) with my date that night Misz Naddy..There has been some slight problem made us watched that midnight show and forced us to wait for a few hours.

Then while prancing around the mall I saw some crowd watching some kid shooting some hoops at an arcade. I told Naddy it seems like fun and I manage to convinced her to go get some tokens and shoot some hoops..But getting the tokens weren't easy as we have to pass a large group of males that crowded the place like bees swarm over the bee hives...but we did it anyway..

And we shoot some hoops and boy we got addicted..we turned out passing our time shooting hoops and later realize that we were the only head covered female in the arcade ..hohoho but we braved the crowd anyway even if we attracted some awkward stares from the people around..

After we were satisfied shooting some hoops we just realize there is a huge crowd of guys behinds us were watching our antiques...well we were in an awe and embarrassed at the same time but the guys seem to give us some admirable stare (mostly chinese)..Seems like we were realy good..and that made me feel like a kid again, being impulsive and not giving a shit what others has to say..If you feel like doing it just do I guess, am not gonna stop there..I wanna shoot hoops on the real court and we already have our list of potential coach..hehehe..

It's not to old or to late to learn new stuff and enjoy it...So for you guys out there go shoot some hoops and chase you matter if its bungeee jumping, rock climbing paragliding, river rafting, ballet dancing, swimming the seven matter how insane it might sound..I would say GO FOR IT and HAVE FUN!!Break a leg all you gorgeous people out there and dare to dream!!~

*gotta say I am pretty much in love with the new layout..enjoy the sweetness you guys, bite chew and crack it*