Sunday, November 28, 2010

Adibah Noor~

*A picture extracted from the video defining Halal..Oh by the way..kt sebelah die tu Pn. Ong, my fav character in the vid*

When you mentioned the name above you have to admit that you just have to love her..

Last Saturday when I watched the Shout Awards 2010 (Repeat Show)..I have to admit how I admired the confidence and aura that she exudes..A lil envy too on how she carries herself so proudly not having to care what other thinks of her..

Having not to get intimidated by her partner at the moment who is Ning Baizura, I found her 10 times beautiful compared to Ning..Clad in a black blouse, a pair of jeans and a lil hint of make up..she still looks amazing and rocking the crowd..I think in a way she over shadowed Ning even if she was so glamorous looking with her heavy make up and sexy dress..hehehe.

She was once told by a entertainment company, in order for her to succeed in the indsutry she has to loose some weight, but she refuse to give in into the shallow perceptions and emerge into one impressive and well respected entertainer who she is now..

She lately had been elected to become to spoke person for many products, awareness campaigns and many more (the latest I watched was the Defining Halal video that I manage to dig out of facebook..memang la memcahkan perut).

When you watched her on air, the only thing that you focused on was the thing that she has to say and she realy gets you to listen..Who says that you need a gorgeous ladies to get the message across..some times it the message didn't get across because pretty girls are actually a distraction..(jgn marah..but it's true)..people would forcus more on them rather on the message that the ad was suppose to convey..betol x?..hehehe~

Where ever can you find a genius like this one..And I love her when she hosted the Spell It Right Challenge Competition...She makes the lame spelling bee comp into a pretty fun playground..heheh~

And I am just proud that many Malaysians has pass through the stage that only prettiness can realy live in the real world..We're moving ahead and I am somehow proud..breaking the habit and freeing yourself from the usual norm ain't an easy task, but the unusual sometimes is pretty fun get to see things from a different perspective and understanding more what it's realy like to be in someone elses shoe right?~

Labels are for clothing but not for people, so stop stereotyping because every indvidual is unique in their own way!~

*Just had an amazing wedding cake, yummy~*


  1. Dia dulu teacher kan? Mmg sesuai la dia jd host Spell It Right tu.

    Tak mcm 1 rancangan sains untuk school kids kat ASTRO tu, Aznil yg jadi pengacara, tak bape sesuai walaupun dia popular dikalangan kanak-kanak.

  2. Knowlee~

    Oh realy? she's a teacher ker?

    no wonder she also exudes that intelligent aura too..

    i see, i dun watch astro so dun get the chance to see aznil in action..huhu