Monday, November 22, 2010

The One~

''Kalau you tak boleh nampak bodoh depan orang yang you sayang, depan siapa lagi??'' - Gigi Besi (Fakir), Pisau Cukur.

If you know that you found THE would agree with the above statement..

Because in front of him you don't have to pretend or be whoever that you are not..

It's not that I am in love at the particular moment, Just a little advice to those who are in a relationship...

A healthy relationship will make you blossomed into someone beautiful, a better person..

Sebab tu orang2 tua selalu kate..

'Wanita adalah paling cantik bile mereka di lamun cinta..berseri'

To any of my darlings, forgive If I some what not able to fulfill your invitation but always know my prayers goes to you guys and you partner..It'd not easy finding him/her in the first place, so cherish every moment that you have with each, toleration and patience is the key word...Don't forget to invite me for your baby showers...Love you guys to bits~

*Congratulations to my cousin on your wedding..she's lovely!..have a blissful marriage..didn't get the chance to take a bite of your wedding cake...darn bells can be heard miles away...bnyk betol weddings approaching this year love everywhere*


  1. Statement orang2 tua tu aku rasa mmg betul la. At some times, bila aku dilamun cinta, semua orang ckp muka aku berseri2, senyummm je slalu.

    Bila takde sapa dlm hati aku ni, takde sapa pun ckp muka aku berseri. Byk kali dah jadi camni.

    So aku setuju dgn statement orang2 tua tu. Maybe sbb apa yg ada dlm hati, memang akan nampak di wajah kita.

  2. knowlee~

    tu la, kate org2 tue slalunye betol..huhu~

    sbb tu org pesan jgn ingkar dengan pesan org tue2..hehehe..amalkan..heheh~