Sunday, November 14, 2010


*Sri Norfitriani Mohamed Shukry*

Tidakkah mendedah dan menyebar kejahilan org sama seperti kita menyebar aib mereka..Jgn terlalu lantang bersuara apabila kita juga tahu masih banyak kerompongan diri yang perlu di tampal~

This was my facebook status a few days back..the sole reason I wrote the status is because I was pretty much disappointed to almost all human beings that existed in the facebook community..

And a friend responded the status by giving this comments...

'Sri Norfitriani Mohamed Shukry : it is in every culture. breaking the habit is not an easy task, but we must always try to lead by example.. how about starting with jgn busybody dan no mengumpat? :) miss talking to you!'

I have always love this girl from the bottom of my heart..because whenever I talked to her, when I see her, I can be myself, she never judge and pretty damn honest when she talks about something and everything..She seem to know what I am thinnking, she seems to get me..I think this is what you harvest from a lifetime of friendship with someone (dari zaman hingusan lg dengan budak nie)..Though she is miles away, I know she'll be there whenever I need her. =)

Back to the main issues, is not that I mind that people are disseminating information or dakwah around, but I resented the way they are spread..I mean, is it realy good? for people sharing some videos regarding on someones kejahilan (ignorance) and leaving some pretty damn eye soring comments like as if they live their whole world doing good and heaven are guaranteed for them in the afterlife..

Hate to break this to you, it's not you who have the right to judge people..those comment that you guys leave hoping that it'll make you look scholarly and pious would only further reflect you stupidity and your ignorance as well I tell you.

If you realy want to do goodness to the world, You've got to do it the right way, with the right word.

Allah is great and kind..You never know, cause sometime even the smallest deed will lead your way to heavens door..Remember the story of the compassionate prostitute who uses her shoes to gave a thirsty dog to drink...Her sincerity brought her to heavens door even without her having to knock on it...That is how kind Allah is.=)

Check on yourself before you say or jugde something..I never dare to judge anyone cause I know even I have so many holes that needs to patched up.

This is my personal space where I pour my personal resentment and personal thoughts. I would like to apologize if I hurt anybody because that is not my intention.Just hoping that you guys would see things from a different perspective, from my perspective.

Have a nice day you all!~

*Juliet once told me 'No wonder you're so sweet, because you like to eat sweet things'..auwwww..(mode presan kejap)*

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