Friday, November 5, 2010


*no that kid is definetly not me..hehe~*

It's been so long since I felt like a kid..

Which part of being a kid you asked?

A part where you don't have to worry what other people say about you and just do whatever you wanna matter how ridiculous that thing might be..You just go for it..nothing can bring you down or make you feel disheartened by any remarks from any external sound maker..

One of my must do list that is learning how to shoot some hoops or learn how to play football on real field..

So there I was waiting for some our midnight movie (Takkers) with my date that night Misz Naddy..There has been some slight problem made us watched that midnight show and forced us to wait for a few hours.

Then while prancing around the mall I saw some crowd watching some kid shooting some hoops at an arcade. I told Naddy it seems like fun and I manage to convinced her to go get some tokens and shoot some hoops..But getting the tokens weren't easy as we have to pass a large group of males that crowded the place like bees swarm over the bee hives...but we did it anyway..

And we shoot some hoops and boy we got addicted..we turned out passing our time shooting hoops and later realize that we were the only head covered female in the arcade ..hohoho but we braved the crowd anyway even if we attracted some awkward stares from the people around..

After we were satisfied shooting some hoops we just realize there is a huge crowd of guys behinds us were watching our antiques...well we were in an awe and embarrassed at the same time but the guys seem to give us some admirable stare (mostly chinese)..Seems like we were realy good..and that made me feel like a kid again, being impulsive and not giving a shit what others has to say..If you feel like doing it just do I guess, am not gonna stop there..I wanna shoot hoops on the real court and we already have our list of potential coach..hehehe..

It's not to old or to late to learn new stuff and enjoy it...So for you guys out there go shoot some hoops and chase you matter if its bungeee jumping, rock climbing paragliding, river rafting, ballet dancing, swimming the seven matter how insane it might sound..I would say GO FOR IT and HAVE FUN!!Break a leg all you gorgeous people out there and dare to dream!!~

*gotta say I am pretty much in love with the new layout..enjoy the sweetness you guys, bite chew and crack it*

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