Tuesday, November 9, 2010


*Good laughs - Juliet Ooi and Azrin Adrina Graduation Album - Photograher: Nooriati Taib*

I heard her sigh..

Then I smiled and told her,'Hey, don't sigh..it's not good for you'

She asked, 'Why?'..

I continued 'Someone once told me, if you sigh, the level of your IQ will drop by several points'

She said 'OOO, realy never heard of that one before'

I further add 'Tu la, I bet if you stopped sighing like ages ago, you would be Genius like Einstein, know you're stuck at CLEVER'

She laughed and said 'Tu la kan, I used to be a genius rupanya..'

Than we laughed together..hehehe

Miss sharing intelligent and sophisticated jokes with you..can't wait to see you this weekend Juju...Seems like when I make jokes only our clans would understand it...In other words, you guys get me~

And everytime I bumped into a genie or Aladdin lamp, my thoughts would straight wander away and think of you...cause you once told me...If a genie grant you a wish, you would wish for a hundred more wishes, and fyi, and I think that anwers is plain genius and I don't feel that you're stuck at CLEVER....Hehehe..~

Just wanna say, I am surrounded by geniuses - Nooriati Taib (Art, Design and Business Genius) Juliet and Azrin (writing genius) Naddy (Pharmaceutical Genius) Winda (Natural Resources and Business Genius), Sarah (Environmental and Make up genius)..hehehe~


  1. dear, tis is wut u av been doin al tis while (wen i'm so not a blogger b4)love al da post, n da pics too!!!.... in short..love ur blog!it reminds me every minute of yesterday.cz it has all of us in it!:) now only dat i'm reading.ihhiihih, cant thank u enuf, 4 dragging me into tis own blog thingie.thanx u!love u moreee each day!;)

  2. Iati~
    having u guy in my life has been far the loveliest time ever in life..and I feel like sharing this blissfulness with my dear readers.and am very glad u like it.it was a pleasure and a pretty fun and funny experience for me also..i did only 10% of it and the rest is your effort of exploring and i have this feeling you're gonna be far better than me...all the best for ur business and will help u all the way to the top..love u more!muahhhxx~