Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A letter to someone I once knew~

Dear Kesayangan ku,

I have to write this even if it somehow will hurt you.But I just have to let you know how I feel and how much we miss that old lil girl that we used to tease 'all that matters to her is money'.
I Love that girl, but where did that girl go. Because the last time I saw her, she was someone I hardly knew..or maybe I don't know her at all.

Let me tell you what I think about love. You might wanna accuse me that I know nothing about love, but I've been in love, I once fell and it took me sometime to get back up again and it'll cost me forever to forget.

Love is when you take things slow. Love is nothing about fast and rush.

Love is about give and take. Not only one side giving and the other taking.

Love is rational. The one who is not rational is we humans.

Love is never blind. We humans are.

Love doesn't conquer all.That's a myth.

Love is no fairytale. Love is something that you have to work for not simply sit and it will run smoothly.

Love is amorphous and undefinable, but it can conform into different shapes and adaptable.

Love teaches us about respect and protect.Protecting the ones that we have taken under our wing (especially to men).

Love makes you glow.A woman is the prettiest when they are truly in love.

I know how amazing it feels to be love and wanted dear.Believe me I know.

The day that you cried was only the small portion of my sadness that I felt when I was forced to let him go.

Remember when you told me how you hate Twilight but you love the valedictorian speech that was given away...

'fall in love alot, makes lots of mistakes and when the time comes you'll know what you want to be'

But there are limit to making mistakes and every mistakes that you make, you're bound to pay an expensive price for it.

I know you want to know about the world, I don't mind, But do it the right way.

I know that you want to fall..but let me tell you something..Everyone falls eventually, but when they landed, there are several degrees of injuries that they have to withstand..Might be mild, might be severe and sometimes might be deadly.

Don't get me wrong, I will be there for you when you need me. That's a fact.

But what if you fall and you can't get back up again.My heart will be crushed...and later I will still be there for you but I don't want to be helpless and hating myself for not to being able to reverse the time and erase the mistakes that you once made.

Remember when you had a crush with that guy in your office.I like you a lot more when you were involved with him.Because even when you came back to us. You are still you.And you don't even have to pretend when you are in front of him.

But with this guy.When you came back to us.You are not you.You kept so many things hidden.Your words are twisted.To sum it up, You are not you.

I know now you wouldn't listen because you're stubborn as an ox.

But all I can see now is that you are in love with the idea of being in love and not the guy.

I can see when you're with him, somehow you have to restrained yourself from being you and I think that's selfish.

But I still know no matter what I say, You won't listen.

I am not gonna stop you, but I am not gonna encourage you either.

I love you and I want you to know that. We all do.We all miss the old you.

We are still us and we are still gonna be here for you.

Yours truly,
A friend who doesn't want you to fall.


Cheap Pop Song from Rhett Dashwood on Vimeo.

Bumped into this cute video and feels like sharing it..hehe


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kacang Soya~

*Mr Kacang Soya killer smile reminds me of him..hehe*

It's past my birthday and feels like doing some story telling..well not a fairy tale to be exact..just something that made me and my friends laugh our hearts out..

A few months ago I kinda bump into this cute creature (sebernarya saye rase die ensem..hehe~)..

So if there is that day that I would feel bored browsing at my friends and my own facebook, I would drop by his page just to have a look at that cute lil face..haha..

I told my friends bout this guy..they would laugh at me and say

'Piyuz memag dasar stalker'

And that got me laughing too..hehehe..

So there is this one day, a few days before my birthday..I just don't remember when..I just had a feeling to drop by his page..so there was my rummie, caught me red handed..and she mocked and smiled..

'oh common, enough with the stalking already, add him up already'...

'should I' I asked innocently (inesen la sgt kn..haha..more like seeking for approval)

'Just give it a shot..whether he adds you or not...pikir kemudian'

So I finally gather the courage , sucking a huge gulf of air and viola..I push that 'ADD AS FRIEND' button..

So I waited nervously for a few days..but still no respond..

I shared that personal concern of mine with my rummie..she told me..

'Try and checked when did he last posted something on FB'

and what we found out was that he changed his name to Kacang Soya...

and that got me wondering..does that has anything to do with me??*perasan sungguh..like he notice my existence plak..hahaha*

'Weyh, die da tuka name to kacang soya la' I laughingly told my rummie..

'Tu la you, stalk die sangat..kan die da tukar name..die takut kt you tu..' my friend further joked..

she then continued and laughed again,

'You, try la add him lagi sekali..this time you change your name to kacang menglembu'

I laughed hard..and accept that suggestion wholeheartedly..so I did try and change my name to kacang menglembu..but it failed..FB won't allow it..it even mentioned that:

1) you have to use your real name

2) That the number of attempt to get your name change are limited

3) once you exceed a limit you may never change the name ever again

so I kinda freaked out what if my name got stuck with kacang menglembu forever..If my ma knows sure she'll get pissed (sbb my ma rajin gak check her children fb trhu my youngest sis fb..ahahah)..name elok2 bagi tukar jadi kacang plak..

So to cut the story short, I didn't get my name changed even if i did tried and I didn't add him again..

My friend laughed and said,

'da da la tu, not meant to be'

I laughed with her and said..

'yeah, we better stop'

To mister kacang soya, just wanna say sorry if i freaked you out in anyway..My fb status a few days back:

'He has a killer smile but he just doesn't know yet'..was meant for you..just if you don't know it..that smile of your is realy something..hahaha..

It's makes me feel good doing all this thing while I can you know and somehow considering the whole thing as a birthday present to myself..My courage level was taken up to a new level (i think it did..rase mcm super mario naik size bdn lepas amik cendawan..hohoho)..which was pretty cool for a gurl who has no guts...hehe~

I had fun..well, so happy birthday to me and all the best to Mr. Kacang Soya...hahaha..

Thank you rummie and freinds for the encouragement..hahaha..~

Thank you Mr Kacang Soya for even existing..hehehe~

The prank stops here I guess..hehehe..~

Moral of the story is Kacang Soya baek untuk kesihatan kita..hohohoho~

*had a lil bite of magnum almond and found out that it is exquisite..yummy..found myself a new obsession..oh..saya penggemar tempe juga..teheee*

Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is for You~

*love is free and so is my hug..come give me a hug (meant for the people I love n care)*

I was once hurt and damage beyond repair and I wish for the ones I love will never travel the road that I had once taken..But if the road is meant for you to travel will blossom you into a beautiful strong person, let me walk behind you so when you turn back..You'll see me and know that I will always be there for you...Fear not...You'll never be alone~

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mama says~

*I realy like his character in the drama*

My ma once said, 'Kalau tengok cerita kt tv /movie tu,jgn la tgk jer, amik pengajaran..all of the events in the movies and dramas are actually derived from the real life situation, it is an exagegrrated version of reality'

Which is true..How can all those movie makers producers come up with all the creative ideas if not it's something that they actually seen it in real life and exaggerate it a lil bit...bada bing bada boom...money making machine..hehehe~

I like the character of Park Kyu in the Tamra The Island drama..so can I at least believe a man this kind actually exist in real life but in a form of little less exggeration..I hope a man like him does exist in this world...Tp nk cari kt mane..

This is more like a day dreaming post..forgive my shallowness..I am a girl after all..it's been ages I haven't found a new obsession after Hugh Jackman and Aaron Aziz..hehe..Now..Park Kyu (Im Ju Hwan is the real name)...wehuuuuuuu...~

Btw, I've been getting swimming lessons from Pkacik Zainoba..and now I can proudly say..I can swimm..yehuu..no more fear towards water..only fun fun fun..and a way for me to burn excessive and unwanted calories I've been consuming..and I can actually feel the difference...healthy and fit..wehuuu..and I can do 2 non stop laps without stopping...yeahhhhaaa~

Good day everyone..and don't forget to take that dosage of candy to make you feel happy..hehe~~

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


*gambar yg xder kena mengena tp nk share jugak..hehe*

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it's better that you do it - Mahatma Gandhi

I first bump into the quote when I watched the movie Remember Me. Well, I teman a friend to watched it because this friend of mine is a huge fan of Mr Pattinson.hehehe. I was surprised knowing that Mr. Bond (Brosnan) was also one of the cast in the movie..The movie was nothing that I expected. huhu.

I once posted this quote before in my blog but I kinda have forgotten what it was about.

I have a friend saying that she was dissapointed, after two years if research she finds her results insignifcant. Then I told her, insignificant is not a bad thing, it actually indicates something and it somehow tell you something. In research, if the results are insignificant, it somehow tells you something is wrong with the methods/ experiments that has been utilized.

In statiscal analysis, when you want to study the before and after effect of something, insignificant results indicates that there is no difference between the before and after of something. Thus, null hypothesis is not rejected. Which also tells you something.

So why is it that being insignificant is bad? It tells you things doesn't it. You might find it unimportant but it still tells you something.

Why do I still hear the someone still find themselves insignificant? Is being insignificant really that bad? Why? do you think that you have to be somebody big, rich and famous to help those who are in need. Even in our religion Islam taught us, if you can lend a hand, hand over something you can hand over (kemampuan).If you don't have that big bucks, then hand over some clothes that you no longer wear, blankets to keep them warm, food to feed their hunger and if you don't have all that, give them some word of encouragement and prayers. Insignificant as it may seem, but on the other side, the accepting, the hands that takes, it means a world to them.

If you realy want to make a difference, the first thing that you have to do is to love yourself. In Islam also mentioned, love your fellow brothers like how you love yourself. If you don't know how to love yourself that how are you suppose to love your fellow brother.

Insignicant is not nothing, it is something.

I sometimes do find myself insignificant, but you'll feel the significance of your existence if you are in the right crowd (family and friends) because somehow, they feel empty and they misses when you are not around.hehehe.

Even small things can make one big difference..=)

*Can teh tarik to be classified as candy, because it gives me the same oblivion feeling when I eat candy, chocolate and pastries*