Wednesday, December 1, 2010


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Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it's better that you do it - Mahatma Gandhi

I first bump into the quote when I watched the movie Remember Me. Well, I teman a friend to watched it because this friend of mine is a huge fan of Mr Pattinson.hehehe. I was surprised knowing that Mr. Bond (Brosnan) was also one of the cast in the movie..The movie was nothing that I expected. huhu.

I once posted this quote before in my blog but I kinda have forgotten what it was about.

I have a friend saying that she was dissapointed, after two years if research she finds her results insignifcant. Then I told her, insignificant is not a bad thing, it actually indicates something and it somehow tell you something. In research, if the results are insignificant, it somehow tells you something is wrong with the methods/ experiments that has been utilized.

In statiscal analysis, when you want to study the before and after effect of something, insignificant results indicates that there is no difference between the before and after of something. Thus, null hypothesis is not rejected. Which also tells you something.

So why is it that being insignificant is bad? It tells you things doesn't it. You might find it unimportant but it still tells you something.

Why do I still hear the someone still find themselves insignificant? Is being insignificant really that bad? Why? do you think that you have to be somebody big, rich and famous to help those who are in need. Even in our religion Islam taught us, if you can lend a hand, hand over something you can hand over (kemampuan).If you don't have that big bucks, then hand over some clothes that you no longer wear, blankets to keep them warm, food to feed their hunger and if you don't have all that, give them some word of encouragement and prayers. Insignificant as it may seem, but on the other side, the accepting, the hands that takes, it means a world to them.

If you realy want to make a difference, the first thing that you have to do is to love yourself. In Islam also mentioned, love your fellow brothers like how you love yourself. If you don't know how to love yourself that how are you suppose to love your fellow brother.

Insignicant is not nothing, it is something.

I sometimes do find myself insignificant, but you'll feel the significance of your existence if you are in the right crowd (family and friends) because somehow, they feel empty and they misses when you are not around.hehehe.

Even small things can make one big difference..=)

*Can teh tarik to be classified as candy, because it gives me the same oblivion feeling when I eat candy, chocolate and pastries*

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