Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kacang Soya~

*Mr Kacang Soya killer smile reminds me of him..hehe*

It's past my birthday and feels like doing some story telling..well not a fairy tale to be exact..just something that made me and my friends laugh our hearts out..

A few months ago I kinda bump into this cute creature (sebernarya saye rase die ensem..hehe~)..

So if there is that day that I would feel bored browsing at my friends and my own facebook, I would drop by his page just to have a look at that cute lil face..haha..

I told my friends bout this guy..they would laugh at me and say

'Piyuz memag dasar stalker'

And that got me laughing too..hehehe..

So there is this one day, a few days before my birthday..I just don't remember when..I just had a feeling to drop by his there was my rummie, caught me red handed..and she mocked and smiled..

'oh common, enough with the stalking already, add him up already'...

'should I' I asked innocently (inesen la sgt kn..haha..more like seeking for approval)

'Just give it a shot..whether he adds you or not...pikir kemudian'

So I finally gather the courage , sucking a huge gulf of air and viola..I push that 'ADD AS FRIEND' button..

So I waited nervously for a few days..but still no respond..

I shared that personal concern of mine with my rummie..she told me..

'Try and checked when did he last posted something on FB'

and what we found out was that he changed his name to Kacang Soya...

and that got me wondering..does that has anything to do with me??*perasan he notice my existence plak..hahaha*

'Weyh, die da tuka name to kacang soya la' I laughingly told my rummie..

'Tu la you, stalk die sangat..kan die da tukar name..die takut kt you tu..' my friend further joked..

she then continued and laughed again,

'You, try la add him lagi sekali..this time you change your name to kacang menglembu'

I laughed hard..and accept that suggestion I did try and change my name to kacang menglembu..but it failed..FB won't allow even mentioned that:

1) you have to use your real name

2) That the number of attempt to get your name change are limited

3) once you exceed a limit you may never change the name ever again

so I kinda freaked out what if my name got stuck with kacang menglembu forever..If my ma knows sure she'll get pissed (sbb my ma rajin gak check her children fb trhu my youngest sis fb..ahahah) elok2 bagi tukar jadi kacang plak..

So to cut the story short, I didn't get my name changed even if i did tried and I didn't add him again..

My friend laughed and said,

'da da la tu, not meant to be'

I laughed with her and said..

'yeah, we better stop'

To mister kacang soya, just wanna say sorry if i freaked you out in anyway..My fb status a few days back:

'He has a killer smile but he just doesn't know yet'..was meant for you..just if you don't know it..that smile of your is realy something..hahaha..

It's makes me feel good doing all this thing while I can you know and somehow considering the whole thing as a birthday present to myself..My courage level was taken up to a new level (i think it did..rase mcm super mario naik size bdn lepas amik cendawan..hohoho)..which was pretty cool for a gurl who has no guts...hehe~

I had fun..well, so happy birthday to me and all the best to Mr. Kacang Soya...hahaha..

Thank you rummie and freinds for the encouragement..hahaha..~

Thank you Mr Kacang Soya for even existing..hehehe~

The prank stops here I guess..hehehe..~

Moral of the story is Kacang Soya baek untuk kesihatan kita..hohohoho~

*had a lil bite of magnum almond and found out that it is exquisite..yummy..found myself a new obsession..oh..saya penggemar tempe juga..teheee*


  1. aku tahu!aku tahu!!!
    usaha tangga kejayaann..hahahaha. aku tumpang bhgia ;)

  2. Mcla,
    wehy mcla..apekah...kantoi..dayemm..haha..

    da da, brenti kaco da kut..hhahahaha~