Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mama says~

*I realy like his character in the drama*

My ma once said, 'Kalau tengok cerita kt tv /movie tu,jgn la tgk jer, amik pengajaran..all of the events in the movies and dramas are actually derived from the real life situation, it is an exagegrrated version of reality'

Which is true..How can all those movie makers producers come up with all the creative ideas if not it's something that they actually seen it in real life and exaggerate it a lil bit...bada bing bada making machine..hehehe~

I like the character of Park Kyu in the Tamra The Island can I at least believe a man this kind actually exist in real life but in a form of little less exggeration..I hope a man like him does exist in this world...Tp nk cari kt mane..

This is more like a day dreaming post..forgive my shallowness..I am a girl after's been ages I haven't found a new obsession after Hugh Jackman and Aaron Aziz..hehe..Now..Park Kyu (Im Ju Hwan is the real name)...wehuuuuuuu...~

Btw, I've been getting swimming lessons from Pkacik Zainoba..and now I can proudly say..I can more fear towards water..only fun fun fun..and a way for me to burn excessive and unwanted calories I've been consuming..and I can actually feel the difference...healthy and fit..wehuuu..and I can do 2 non stop laps without stopping...yeahhhhaaa~

Good day everyone..and don't forget to take that dosage of candy to make you feel happy..hehe~~



  2. Bontemps~

    Glad to hear that..

    an obsession that gives the utmost satisfaction kn?