Thursday, January 20, 2011

I realy need to do this~

Like in the past year,

I don't have any major resolutions that I would want to fulfill..

Instead setting up some small reso that are achievable nearly possible..

But since in the past I've been having some weight problem..

Yeah, I know for some people you might think it's some sort of paranoia..

But am telling you, it's for the sake of my well being..

The reason to loose weight my note solely based on the aim to look slim and skinny..

It's more like getting in shape..or in other words, the aim is to stay fit..

But for those who has experience some major transformation in life..they agreed that it has also do affect their self esteem..they've become more confident..

But I would like to stress out to never that light of things like this..

It scares me hearing stories that people died at a very young age and most of them due to health complication like heart failure, strokes..and even cancer.

I know the matter of life and death are not a human matter to predict or control..but as we Muslim knows that what is given to us are all loan form Allah, more like amanah...and the least we could do is take good care of it so when we return it the rightfull owner, of course you want to return it in a very good condition..

My reso is trying to shed some kilos...if i don't go swimming, i might go for a jog or go out play some fun games like badminton..Also planning to cut some portion of every meal that I have..The aim is to cut the portions and not to skip meals..Planning to keep a food journal..jotting down every single thing that I eat everyday..hehehe~

I know many of you are with me..

Leave some comments or share any of your health secrets're comment are like diamonds to me..thank you for even reading this random babble..

Let's live health people...hehehe~


  1. amik balance diet kut setakat ni the best way to shed your kilos.

    as in, kalau kurangkan makan, skip meals, akan menyebbkan kita set kita punya metabolism jadi low....

    tapi sampai bila nak kurang diet...tiba2 craving nak makan banyak....sedangkan metabolism badan jadi rendah...lambat lah nak bakar semua tuh....sbb tu lah kita tengok orang yang "kuat"diet jadi kurus, pastu gemuk mendadak.

    jadi, take balance diet, and in a way, instead of reducing food, baik kita double up exercise.


  2. mr kelon eric bana~

    yerp, am doing exactly doubling up my work out..

    if i dun go for a jog, i would go for a swim..

    if x, i would you tube any work out that i could do in the room..

    by the way, i did some of that hindu squat u once posted..

    masyuk bro..huhu~

  3. ko kna mkn breakfast yg berat.then lunch biasa saja dan dinner just amik buah or salad..or mkn jagung rebus.hihiii

    gudlak peroz!!!:)

  4. Mclalalala~

    thank you mcla for the doing exactly that...

    but am focusing out more in exercising..hehe~

    giving up food is a pretty tough job for me..hehe~