Monday, January 3, 2011


Y.E.S, no am not anwering any question

But when it comes to this YES every single girl in this part of the Globe specifically Malaysia, we speak the same language...hohoho..Year End Sale..

But here in Penang, at this time of the month, me and my gorgeous girlfriend would run wild..I mean realy went WILD..the reason behind our wildness is definitely Metrojaya Warehouse Sale..

I simply love this warehouse sale because I can shop for my family..Last year I didn't get the chance to do so becuase I saved up all the money and used it to pay my PTPTN loan..yeay..huhu..

After I borong lots of stuff for my sis and family I went down an isle which is the men section and I fell in love with a few men shirt that I believed would look stunning on Papa (lgpun jarang beli barang untuk papa) I give him a ring..because I want to ask for the size..But it was my Mama who answered the phone,

'Assalamualikum ma, ma adik nak tanya papa pakai size ape ek'

'Walaikumsalam, size, x yah la beli untuk papa, jari papa tu pende,kembang kembang cam jari adik, biar papa beli sendiri la kasut...'

*in the background I heard papa laughed out loud*

'Ark, jari kembang mcm adik, mama adik bukan nk belikan papa kasut, saiz baju la mama'

'mama ingatkan kasut td, kalo baju saiz M or S'

*M or S, lihat la betapa fit nye papa ku itu..hehehe*

*so the story was, a few days back, borak ngan mama, ade tny mama what papa wanted for his birthday, because me and sis haven't gotten him any bday prezzie this year and he said papa wanted a new pair of shoe..mama ingt adik nk belikn kasut la gamaknye..hahaha*~

In conclusion, I am daddy's lil girl, they say I am so much like father and that includes jari pendek kembang kembang..sabar jer la...hahaha~

*I had Cadbury roasted almond nine*

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