Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jgn jadi Simon Cowell Malaysia~

Being young you can't help it to be judgmental and shallow..Back then I was shallow and judgmental giving some unpleasant/jengkel remarks..

For instance..

'Pergh, seksi siot minah tu..mak die x ajar ape2 ker..'

'pergh, bro tu tindik telinga..siap ade tatoo..Melayu, Islam plak tu..'

But as I grew older, In a way, not in a the position to praise myself, so don't get me wrong =P..I grew wiser, trying to see things from a different perspective..You probably asked me how much wiser have I become..but let me teach you on how to look at things differently and respect them for who they bad as they I told over and over not our righteous place to punish people. As the right to punish this humble servant belongs to Allah alone.

Sometimes we have to remember that for some people, they are not as lucky we are..being granted adequate knowledge..When I was young parents knew somehow there are some Islamic knowledge they weren't able to convey, they sent me and my sis to religious school and when we stopped going due to the lack of religious school at that articular area we moved in, my parents would hired a religious teacher to teach us what we needed to know..Enough knowledge for me and my siblings to carry on in the future..

For me and my sibling we had our fair share of blessing from Allah.

But as I grew older, meet a lot of people.I talked to them and get to know the differences (and respect it) and among these individual that I bumped into I realize, not everyone were born to be a queen bee.Furthermore, we have to remember, there are many reasons for some people act the way they are.

For some individual, the path they have gone through are very patchy..For instance, having ignorant parents who don't bother to teach what they need to know..or some have been spoiled beyond repair (which lead to to lead a limitless and boundless life)...some just live in the community that don't provide these kinda knowledge, lacking in qualified religious teachers and in the end suppresses their ability to learn all the essential knowledge that God has made it compulsory to learn for every Muslim.

And due to the above, results in breeding of ignorance in the heart of a certain individual. Don' t get disheartened by the story as there are individual that Ive see had undergone some amazing transformation, some are just dramatic and unbelievable, and they are even better than we are.One of the biggest factors that lead to the phenomenal transformation is because they are blessed to have amazing friends who never discriminate them and taught them what they needed to know...Some people have to be an ugly caterpillar before transforming into a lovely butterfly..

with this people, isolation and discrimination won't do them any good..

Just be friends with everyone and get to know the history of their life that had been deeply etched in their souls..but one souls won't forever the way they are because I believe one's souls are like Play-Doh or clay, It can be molded into any shape..a better and prettier shape.

So let's just be friends with everyone and if you so happened to realize there are someone who is unlucky, turn their fate to lucky by holding out a helping hand and guide to them.

So stop being Cowell and lets jadi Abdul or Jackson.

*is thinking to have snickers for tonight dinner..aci x??*

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