Monday, January 3, 2011

A letter to someone notifying him that I screwed up~

*am sorry I just find the photo lovely and wanted to share with all of you (xder kene mengena with the post)*

Dear unknown,

Remember that competition that I told you about..

Well I kinda screw the whole thing up due to some miscommunication..just so you know, I screwed up during the selection to cut the story short, I didn't get selected.

But the outcome turns out to be not as devastating as it was suppose to because you told me whatever it is that I was suppose to talk about, I should enjoy the whole process and I did, I even made that professor laugh(I even manage not to look and sound like a clown) and he kind of complimented me on my English my together with impromptu presentation..hahaha..

So I wanted to say thank you..wherever you are..don't stay hidden for to long as I miss your writings.

Pumkin Peroz.

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