Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I once read this somewhere,

'The origin of wealth is the mind and not the money'

When was the last time you feel inspired? Well if you asked me? I would say tonight..=)

Magesh, a beautiful Indian name belongs to a beautiful Indian girl..

Always bumped into her at the corridor of the hostel the most words exchange between us was..

'Hey,How are you.. '

Only tonight my friends and I had the chance to engage into a loooong conversation with this lovely lady..

I've never met anyone who is so focus in life before..someone with a definite goal. .someone who is so sure of what she wants and full of passion..

(Well actually, I am surrounded with a several strong independent ladies in my life who are not scared to brave the world and embrace the uncertainty of the future..Like Sri (I call her Meh and in Looe, UK), Ati (budak kecik bijak, workaholic), Iati (my rummie, workaholic n kaki bisnes)..)

But then again, when you have a goal in life, nothing is uncertain..

Which made me think and made me feel the need to really restructure my goals on life..What is it that I want to achieve in rekindle the spirits and passions that are loss..

Magesh, from what I've learned from her stories, gave up her job, her savings to further her studies..

And said to us 'Malu la nk mintak duit form your parents sebab kita da besar'

And she doesn't simply settled for anything less..

Believing that learning new things in life won't stop her track in fact will take her far and wide..

A hard working girl who would spent six months finishing a book to grasp the real meaning of research.

A girl who would unselfishly spent all of her money to attend conferences, greedy to gain knowledge and to build a network so in the future, she won't have to be clumsy or panic when she'll further her studies in PhD ... always a step ahead of the game in planning her future..and there were also time that she attended a conference without no apparent reason and all that she wanted to do was learn..gain, gain n gain..

The world was like a huge classroom for her...believe that learning a constant process and there's no definite end to it..

Money has never been the problem for her as she has constantly chanted in mind that it is attainable

taking up odd jobs at Dome, tutoring kids even if it means she has to travel an hour and half by bus to get to the destination..

She taught me the true meaning of the phrase 'You are in control of your money'..

And She is in Love with her research..

I am inspired...

I feel ashamed having to admit how shallow I was, cause a few moment before we had this long chat with Magesh, I still think that money is important in life when it's actually's not many of us stop dead in our track in gaining knowledge by giving financial constrain as an excuse..

But that's gonna change this instant..

I hope you would change that too..and please please please..find the things that you love to do..because when you're in love and talked about the things that you're in love with..You sparkled..Like diamond..And I would love to see EVERYONE sparkle..And Magesh was like this lovely diamond that I discover that shines brightly and can't help to feel affected by the shine..

Go ahead, brave the world...Cause I am about to gather all the pieces of courage in me so that I can also brave the world and be fearless!!..

are you with me..if you are..Come on..Let's walk with me hand in hand..=)

If you feel tired a long the way, we can always stop for some hot choc and move on when energies are restored..hehe..


For a start, asked yourself, how far would you go in order for you to achieve your dream!!~


  1. love this inner thoughts of yours!love tis especially...
    1. the world was like a huge classroom for her... reading her stories make me feel like stop complaining, workkk hard cz in d end, dat pays!
    2. she's in love with her research.... envy her, cz i dont feel it at da moment,
    must be my many distractions..
    3. 'Malu la nk mintak duit form your parents sebab kita da besar'... this is sooo true!......n
    4. ( iati, my rummie, workaholic n kaki bisnes) ...u've always made me feel proud of what i'm doin thou at times, i dont even noe if it mite work, but having frns like u, it's just awesomeeee!

    truly inspired, occay now kene start buat keje!much lovessss!

  2. keding girl yg disayangi~

    like i said to you, i love to see someone sparkle like a are one of em..

    always the humble girl who'll never look down on ppl..

    the one who held no grudge against anything in the in the world even if the world are against you..

    one to know one fact...u never complain..ever..never have i heard instead u you would calmly look for solutions if problem is a round..

    remember i once asked u how does feel like to inspire people..u should be proud cause you inspire me, u inspire friend around and inspire your student..

    i know that there are time when thing are loss like passion..but we can always find it back..lets work hard together ok..

    n sila la balik cepat sebb da wendu kt kamu si keding..hehehe~

  3. Thanks kak fairuz for the inspiring entry... I'm moved :)