Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Misunderstood affection~

*zaman2 rebellious saya*

How we human are individually unique not only down to the bones but further narrowed to our genetic make up..

And the genetic codes that were expressed varied greatly in individual..that explains why people have brown eyes, blue, single and doubled lid eye, straight, not so straight hair, Maggie curl..hehe

And I would pretty much relate it to the significant difference in an individual on how affections are expressed..

We all have our own way on how we show someone how we truly care for one another. But for some people, the way the convey their affection, often misunderstood by others..

Parents usually falls into the category..their affection are usually misunderstood..

We children usually misunderstand them, esp when we were young, hot blooded and where temper always gives way to insanity and blur our judgement which further leads us to the world of irrationality.

Like me, I use to stupid..I use to hate my parents for being so fierce, rigid and scary.

My ma like she always says, everytime she sees me, ‘anak mama yg sorang ni, lahir senang, nak jaga susah’.

I was a problematic child.

The rumour circulate around my birth that I was supposed to be a boy and my dad had already set to put Muhammad Fairuz for my name and when my may deliver me, a girl, Muhammad was replaced by Siti..(ok xder kene mengene)

I hated my parents for wish to have someone elses parents are mind..or even wishing they were someone else.

Do you know that research by some researcher n the Sates discovered, almost 80% of teenagers wish that they parents were someone else..or wishing they had someone else’s parents.

So I guess I was normal to have gone through the deepest darkest and most rebellious days of my life.

But as I grew up I now understand it just the way my parents show their affection and it varies greatly among different families.

Nobody’s perfect right, even our parents. I might not be the luckiest girl to have a fun set of parents, but I was greatful that they brought me up the way they did because if not I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.

The fierceness, rigidity is their way of showing affection and how I wish I would be more to obliged my parents in the past, be more kinder to them making it easy. I regret for all tears that I made my mother shed for me. But I do promise that I’ll be a better daughter for my parents. Always to let them know that I love them and thanked them for bringing me up the way that did.

Tell the ones you love that you love them before it’s to late.

Because when you love someone it’s natural that you tell them.

Have a nice! =)

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