Friday, June 24, 2011

King of anything~

VuuTV - Watch Video

Enjoy..I love this talented girl..Sarah Bareilles..Enjoy~

Friday, June 17, 2011


Hey there, it's been a while isn't it..

Like holy s**t man..We're like midway thru the year many things has happened and many more things are coming up..Like my bro's coming back from Russia (he's in his final year already), my sis got a scholarship to do her medical degree but first she has to enrolled to a foundation programme beforehand which will happen this Monday (following right behind his brother's footstep)..and yes sis is getting married..yeayyyy!!!!...God I miss home..I'll be heading there soon I-Allah..I no longer feel's not that I am old (well i am old actually..haha)..but i feel different..when i hear the news that my sister is getting married, i almost shed tears of joy...Well if you asked me..not just yet..i just want stay like this for a while..even if my ma n pa kinda like nagging saying that it's about time to settle down..i''ll be a liar if i say i don't wanna get married..common its every girls dream, but i think i'm not ready to settle down just yet before i settle whatever my singlehood life requires me to settle..there's so many thing i still wanna explore and i prefer doing this while i am still single..not getting any restraining order from anyone..heheh..

it makes me smile thinking that when i look at my face in the mirror and realize that my pimple scars don't always disappear immediately like it always does in the past..I have to rely on something to make it makes me feel old but it makes me smile..i don't mind getting old..all i know i wanna age gracefully..but it feels good when someone asked me my age and when i gave the the answer, they wouldn't believe me and tells me i look like an eighteen year old..imagine that..hehehe..i am enjoying life..i have no regrets..the things i let go in the past..i felt glad letting it go cause it not worth to hold on far so good..for someone my age i pretty much have experience almost everything that life has to offer..=)

you do wish that someday, u hoped that things would fall into the right place, magical or miracle things would happen..Well as i grow old, i realize, things will fall into the right places, everything suddenly make sense, like puzzles everything seems to fits well compatible to one another..magical things, miraculous things do happen..fairy tales do come true...but i also understand, in order for these things to happen, you have to work hard for it, sacrifices has to be made..some will get hurt (even you yourself)..but in the'll see things the way i see it now..complaints are not meant to be made audible or documented, instead count ur blessings and record ur happiness and gratitude..

Newton might discover gravity while sitting down doing nothing when an apple fell down from a tree..but he wouldn't really discover gravity if it weren't for that brain of his working out the curiosity over a fallen apple..well Benjamin did get hurt when he discover electricity (and this guy got his face printed on 100 American dollar bill...abis famous da org tue nie)..Edison makes magical thing happen when he invented the phonograph despite the fact that he has hearing problem due to scarlet fever..oh, edison is also famous for inventing the light bulb..hehe..

have fun'll do you lots of good!!..=)

bear in mind magical things happens and miracles can happen to anyone!! =)

please also bear in mind, working hard not only to obatained whatever it is that you want to obtain, you also have to work hard in maintaining what you have obtained ;P

have u had u dose of sugar today..i know i have..buhbye!!!~

love u folks!!!~